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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Task 2, researching a poster on how it aimed at target audience

Love Never Dies is the squeal to The Phantom Of The Opera. The story is about the Raoul being in debt and Christine Daae got invited to sing in Manhattan. Which they went as they needed the money to pay off the debt. However they did not know that it was the Phantom trap, to see Christine once again. Love Never Dies reveals the behind story of the Phantom and Christine and the true identity of other main characters. Such as Christine best friend Meg Giry, in secret she is jealous of her best friend life and how the Phantom has only got eyes for her.

They targeted their audience by keeping the main original characters within the film. Focusing on  the reunite of the Phantom and Christine, instead of Raoul and Christine. As the Phantom and Christine Love has more chemistry and twist in it, such as how it is like a forbidden love. 

However the target audience of this theatre production is for people who enjoy theatre and opera shows. But mainly aiming towards people who have seen The Phantom Of The Opera. As they would know the original story, they would want to know what happens afterwards. Such as what happens when the Phantom and Christine Daae went their own ways.  For this theatre production/film there is no age limit to it, it is purely for The Phantom Of The Opera fans.  

Andrew Lloyd Webber advertised this production by saying in a interview that this production has been in development for several years but he did not think it was good enough to let it out. Simply by saying this, fans of Andrew Lloyd Webber will be hyped up as they know they will be watching something spectacular. So they would look forward to it more,making them spread the information around, through talk about it to others such as their friends, colleagues, friends on forum. They may also post it on social websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Situation like this, it creates an free advertisement, spreading the name out through socialising. Nevertheless a trailer was produced to advertise this production, showing that indeed that this production is going to be turn into a DVD and as a film. Along it creates mystery for the audience, as they their love triangle is back. The Phantom never let go of Christine after all, so is she going to be with him. From the trailer it shows clips of some songs. For example Meg Giry song, it tells the audience that this production is simply more than just Christine performing, there will be alot of fun and creativity to be seen. To wow the audience, after all they are in Cony Island, where the freaks live. However the song the Phantom sing and the Christine song, they are both powerful, meaningful songs. The actors and actress made the song filled with emotions, from their characters, making it more breath taking for the audience to watch. Which adds on to the thrill, as if the audience see the show in theatre first then they would want to watch it on DVD, to see the different. Plus on DVD, they will get to watch it over and over again, compare to seeing it in theatre. As seeing it on theatre it would cost alot for seeing it just once. But seeing it in theatre it gives the audience a whole new experience and sensation. Nevertheless it can be the other way round. Where the audience see's the DVD version first then watch the theatre version. Either way, the audience will highly watch it in the other version, as a fan they would want to know everything and see everything of it.
Therefore the poster and the DVD cover is important. 
Andrew Lloyd Webber produced the design well, it catches The Phantom Of the Opera fan attention straight away(The image above is from the DVD), it's quite wowing and at the same time it does not hurt your eyes or think the design it too much. The audience can see the Phantom is there with another girl. It can only mean Christine, the only woman he ever loved. Just those two there it sparks of information and questions. Such as they reunited again.This show is going to be filled with romance and kindness.Though what happens? Do they end up together? Where's Raoul? etc. From the three jokers on the side it means that Christine and the Phantom are in a different location that is filled with craziness and entertainment to see. Since they look different, what people back then would call them freaks, they will be in a certain area. This refers to Cony Island, where the 'freaks' live. The stars/ light design at the back and with the glamorised Phantom mask, it could only mean that this story is once again based back in a theatre or within a show. To add on, the font of the title "Love Never Dies" it is written in gold, in a royal way. The way theatre looks, filled with some gold design that makes it looks posh and royal like. The audience would expect a magnificent show, filled with beautiful sets, costumes and of course actors and actress. Moreover the cover does not have an age limit to it, this goes back to the fact that this story is suitable for all ages. Since The Phantom Of the Opera alone is already loved by a variety of age groups, so there is absolutely no reason why Love Never Dies isn't the same. 

Just by the way the cover looks, it already gives out such information. Fans of The Phantom Of Opera would buy it straight away.
This shows how important the way a DVD sleeve look alone is. As they attract more attention and can be in a more variety of places.      

For example the thriller poster/DVD cover Kaiji (An analyse of this poster is also within this blog). Alot goes on within that poster yet it tells alot about the film, but it leaves the audience guessing on what happens. Which can only mean that the audience would watch it.
Such as the key features like card  the guy is holding, it sparks of mystery and thrill in it, as the card does not look friendly or pleasant. It could only mean, it be one of a kind game and film. Just like Love Never Dies, the stars like light in the background, it is also a key features to the story, showing that the story is base around the theatre/show.  
In Kaiji they advertised the film by the fact that they got well known actors and actresses. As you can see at the top, the film "DEATH NOTE" was written in capital and bold. To catch the audience attention. As where they got the famous actors and actresses from that film, fans will be hyped about it, so they would spread the word out through socialising. Which makes the film even more hit. Since from the cover itself, the story does not seem like a typical story like a love story for example. Where it's some people who get lovely dovely then all hell break loose then they end up back together again. No, from the cover it tells the audience it is about a game and with their serious facial expression it does not seem like an ordinary game or gambling game. It is more like a life or death matter, a more original and unique story in away.  

SomeAdvantage and disadvantage of using some method to advertise

-The advantages of posters is that it can be places in a variety of places such as from shops to billboards. Where anyone can see it at any time, since it does not move when it has been placed in its  location. Also a poster does not require any electronic material or need people to deal with it for 24 hours per day.
-The more poster put of that film, the more people will remember it. As they see it everywhere so it would it stick in their mind. For example, if they get annoyed that they see this poster everywhere, they will complain about that film to their friend BUT they would know the story of that film well since they see it too much. Or it can be the other way round where someone see it alot and wonders what the big commotion about it is all about, it makes them talk about it and they may end searching it up.

-However the disadvantage of a poster is that it is up in the public for a short period of time. Such as when it is out in the cinema, the poster will be out everywhere. Though once it is off the cinema, the poster around the public will be slowly taken down, one by one. Then slowly people will forget about this film, unless they really like this film. In that case, they will mostly buy the poster and put it up in their room, where they will remember it for good.
-Though in the public there are some people that are rascals, where they will sabotage the posters. By spray painting over it or ripping them down.

 -The advantage of a DVD cover, it sells the film out more. As it will be displayed around in some shops such as HMV. So if people haven't seen it in cinema, they may be interested in buying it to see it.
-DVD can be displayed in a shop for a long period of time unlike a poster. As a poster it is only up for a short period of time, when the film is out and hit. Once the film has died down the posters slowly goes.       

- Though the disadvantage of a DVD cover is that the price of the DVD may put the buyer off.
-If the cover does not stand out well, it will has less chance in grabbing the audience attention, unless they seen the film and enjoyed it.

-The advantage of a trailer is that it can be seen in a variety of places such as social sites or in cinemas or inactive billboards.
-People who watches the trailer will intrigued in what goes on in the film, as the trailer will create questions and show a variety of shots, such as love scene, action scene or life and death situation scene etc.

-Moreover the disadvantage of a trailer is that it can give away all the good part within in a film, such as a comedy film. Trailers tends to give away all the funniest scenes.
-Along some scenes that may be scene in the trailer may not be in the film, so it can mislead the audience abit and make them abit disappointed. 

Overall there are more advantages and disadvantages but from reading a view the audience will get the idea and shows that advertising requires quite a few thoughts and planning ideas.  Example, just a poster alone, it creates alot of problems. Such as where to put it, how to design it, colour, how big etc. Along what kind of advertisement is best to use to advertise the film. 

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