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Monday, 30 April 2012

Analysing Thriller poster

The plot according to Yahoo movies-
"Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler" is an exciting psychological thriller starring Tatsuya Fujiwara as Kaiji, man forced to enter a deadly gambling competition aboard a cruise ship, to erase a large financial debt. Based on Nobuyuki Fukumoto's hit manga series which has sold over 11 million copies, Kaiji is a 26 year-old job-hopping bum who suddenly finds himself riddled in debt after a shadowy loan company informs him that he is responsible for a loan taken by his friend (who has since gone missing) and whom he casually co-signed as a loan guarantor for!"

-The cards, if you look closely it is rock, paper, scissors. A simple harmless game, but they added a slave card which doe not look friendly or pleasant at all. It tells the audience that this simple game is taken to a whole new level. From the slave card, on how brutal it is, it tells the audience that there maybe some horrible things happen and may include death.
Also within some cards it has picture's of people, scene from the film. By the clothes the people wear it shows what class they are in, for example the bottom right hand corner, the boy is wearing simple clothing. Showing that is he is normal civilian. While at the top left card, the guy is in a suit, he is more likely a higher class person, such as a successful business man.
The way the cards falls down and the images expression within it, it gives out the feeling of tension and the fact that its all over the poster, the cards plays as the mcguffin. Especially the Slave card, since you normally don't get that within rock, paper, scissors. So the fact that the guy is holding it, it must mean something and must be important.

-The way the three people are displayed, it shows who is the most important ones and the ones you should focus on. It makes people wonder as the only person with the card is the one in the middle, the protagonist Kaiji, since he is the only one with the cards, he can either be the one playing the game or the one controlling the game. The other guy is in a business suit, is he the bad or good guy? Then on the right, it is the girl, who is she? Is she Kaiji lover or also another bad person. Creating mystery and questions within them, such as how are they linked within the story and what is their roles. As their facial expression does not seem relaxed, but more towards serious, tense, concerned and fearful of what could happen and what will happen.

-The colour used, red and dull machine like colour. Red is known as a angry colour, yet it can also mean prosperity and joy. I personally think they chosen to use red in the background, is to match the slogan "LIFE or DEATH...on the turn of a card!", the red can be represented as blood from the deaths of others or it simply can represent the victory of the survivors. The colour red also gives out the feeling of glamour or royalty. To me, the way they colour worked together and the way it is layout, it makes me think that this game event will be held within a rich glamours place. Where it will be filled with rich people, for their entertainment, and the poor civilians will be the entertainer. Something bad will happen during the event and it won't leave people happy or in peace.
The dull machine like colour used, makes me think of industrial. Such as this game event is held in a secure, out of touch location, where anything you can possibly imagine, can actually happen.

-The typography, the style and colour of it, it gives out a atmosphere that a sign like that would be seen in some club or casino. To show it is a lively glamours place to be, giving out a welcoming message. To fit in within this poster, the thriller side would be that this film is a entertainment within a place, but by the way their facial expression is, it is not a simple game and it may contain some gruesome scene's. Which is pretty much creating theatre of the mind, making the audience question on what it would be like. How a simple game of rock, paper, scissors and a extra card can do to people and how it can be taken dead serious.

-The age rating, 12. People would assume it would not be that bad and probably just a drama film. Until you see the slave card, on how horrible the picture it is. It makes the audience think, is something cringing going to be shown. With the slogan to match it, it would make the audience think twice about this film. Along it would make the audience want to see the film as they want to know what would happen and how would they die. Along how is this simple game of rock, paper and scissors be transformed into something never been seen before.

-Overall when I see this poster it gives me the feeling that this is no ordinary friendly rock, paper and scissors game. It shows that this game is important, such as if you take the risk, you pay the price with your life. Along I should prepare for some horrible scene's, as within the film, the game means serious business and it should not be taken lightly.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Anaylsing Thriller posters

The plot according to IMDb
"A ballet dancer wins the lead in "Swan Lake" and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan - Princess Odette - but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odile, the Black Swan."

To portray this in the poster...

-Natalie Portman (the girl in the poster), if you ignore the crack, she looks elegant and innocence. From the white feathers on the side of her hair and her flower earring, it shows kindness. From that you can judge that she is playing as princess Odette.

-However, the crack on her face. The effect it gives out is like a  porcelain crack.  Porcelain are pottery that has very detail designs, showing how elegant and perfect it is. Though it is fragile.
The crack on her face shows that she is no longer portraying her kindness and innocence, her inner side is coming out. It creates mystery, like is she turning evil, seeking revenge? With the fact that it is only part of her face cracked, it shows that she already losing part of herself or the role as princess Odette. Such as if she continues to crack and turn into pieces, who knows what will happen, will something crazy like a monster unleash?

-Her eyes, every part of the poster colour is dull down, but her brownish yellow eyes with long lashes is sharp.  It can easily catches your attention. One of the reasons for making her eyes sharp could be that, to show that she is like a hawk, knows her target and is sharp or can easily attract anyone attention. Grabbing people attention so she maybe able to use them as part of her plan or for something else.

-The typography, "Black Swan" is written in Bold, in Arial Black font . I think this is done to show that this film is no ordinary ballet film. As you normally don't hear about a black swan. So making the title thick and bold, tells the audience that this story is about a BLACK swan. It creates questions for the audience, such as is anyone going to die? Is she evil? What will happen? Does it link with Swan Lake? Is it happy? What made princess Odette turn bad? Why?

-The colour, the black background to make Natalie Portman stand out more, along matching the typography. It gives out a mysterious thrilling mood.
The use of the colour white, to show she is a swan, making her looks flawless.

-Overall this poster simply looks perfect and Natalie Portman looks flawless. But with the crack, it shows she is not perfect. It makes the audience want to know what happens and why. As the atmospheric the poster gives out, does not seem pleasant, like something big is just about to happen.   

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Screen printing, Coating the Mesh

If you decided that you want to use a film positive baked on your Mesh then, this is what you need to do:
-Firstly, get a friend to help you.

-Get your mesh, make sure it is clean and dry.

-Following from that, get the Scooper.

-Put some PhotoSensitive emulsion on the scooper. Spread the emulsion equally within the scooper. Making sure both corners are covered in it. Dont put to much or to little.

-When that is done, get your friend to hold the mesh by their feets.

-Having the wood coming out, side facing you.

-When your ready, use both hands holding the scooper.

-Start at the bottom, make the scooper touch the mesh.

-Make the scooper lean forward so the emulsion floods the part, its touching the mesh.

-When that bit is ready, steadly and firm, push the scooper upwards.

-When you reach the top, make the scooper lean back.

-So all the remaining emulsion can go back into the scooper and doesn't trip down the mesh(as that would destroy it).

-when all the remaining emulsion is back on the scooper, slowly take the scooper off the mesh.

-You now should have a fully covered, smooth mesh (If you have missed a part within the mesh, such as a sudden gap in the middle, do another coating).

-Now put the mesh within a dark room, so no light can get to it.

-Finally, clean up! Your mesh will be ready to use within 24 hours.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Screen printing-Cooking screen

The machine (NATGRAPH Screen baking machine). The light burns the Mesh with emulsion on it, with a picture that is put under it, a film positive.

The whole process of it is that:

-First when you lift the Lift up, make sure the glass is clean.
-Close the lid back and turn the light on, as that will take time to heat and brighten up,(you will see light under the machine).
-When it takes it time, you should get your things ready.
-when it is ready, lift the lid up, put your film positive in.
-Following that, put the Mesh that has emulsion on it(the colour of emulsion should be green or blue ish), on top of the film positive.
-Now close the lid and lock the sides.
-Make sure it securly fasten.
-Turn the vaccum on, it will suck all the air out and prevent the Mesh from moving.
-Wait for it, to be tight as possibe.
-Then press the small green Smart button, the small screen should say 1200.
-Following that, press the Start button, the circle one. Hold it for 5 second(If under 5 second, your mesh will be half bake only)
-After that, leave it to bake.
-You wait roughly around 3 minute.
-IF your not sure if the light is still on then, Turn the machine On and Off, just to be safe.


-The light that bakes the mesh is like U.V light.
-DO NOT lift the lid up when it is baking, the light will actually blind you!!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Screen Printing-Health and Safety

It is important to know the health and safety within Screen Printing. Such as-

-DO NOT EAT OR DRINK around the area you are doing print or within the room.

-The Paint-It may smell nice, IT IS NOT EATABLE!!! TOXIC!!

-Do not use the same Pallet Knife for different colours, Contamination!

-The Jet Wash can create a large puddle, have a Mop ready!

-When mixing Acrylic with Medium, if Medium get on your hands, wash hands ASAP!

-Make sure your bag is out of everyone way, to prevent people from tripping.

-Doing to much printing, can hurt your arm, as your using alot of muscle. Take regular breaks or do something else that is light.

-When using Scaple, becareful not to stab yourself. If so seek medical needs ASAP!

-If using SCREEN COOKING MACHINE, do not DO NOT lift the lid up if vaccum is on! The light will blind you!

What you need for Screen Printing

Before you plan on printing, this is what you will need-

-Apron/Old T shirt.It's best to wear one as it will prevent your current clothes being dirty. Along the paint does not wash off!

-Screen(Mesh)-One of the main tool you need! You stick your Stencil on it, or Bake your film positive on it. The mesh, has tiny holes within it, to allow paint to go through.

-Palette knife- Use it to spread the Acrylic paint across the Mesh and scrap the extra's off. Handy and friendly.

-Squeegee- The tool that you use to push the acrylic on the mesh, down. They come in different sizes, it's best to find one that fit your mesh perfectly, to get a better outcome. when using it, put in alot of strength, to get as much paint down and smoothly as possible.

 -Paint-Use Acrylic paint to print. You cannot use plain acrylic paint as it dry fast, it will stick to the mesh and would not be easy at all to wash off. You will need to mix acrylic paint with Mediums first. 

-Stencil-If you choose to use a paper one instead of Film Positve to use as base to print your image. To cut a Stencil out, you will need a scalpel, it would take alot of time to get a nice outcome, so be patient. 

-Acetate-Paper that looks like See through plastic, it is used to print your film positive on. If you plan on doing a detail or more difficult print, it is best to use acetate instead of paper stencil. As you can do the design as many times as you want on the computer, before printing it on acetate.

-Fabric-To print your print on, different colours and type of fabric will give out different feel and outcome. So I would recommend experimenting on it.

A variety of paper to print your work on. Different kind of paper and colour gives out different thrill. Such as if you print a scary face onto a pink flowery paper, it would not be scary and  may look daft.

-Screen Wash/Jet Wash- Using this tool, makes it much easier to clean your Mesh after you baked it. The pressure will make the Mesh wash off faster and cleaner, yet if the pressure is too much (or if your too close) the baked image might start to flake off. Handle with care when using this, as it creates and lot of mess and may either help your image or destroy it.

-Light box-Having a light box around is handy. Such as if you need to trace a Stencil or to look closely at your Mesh screen, to see if there anything wrong with it.

-Natgraph exposure-The machine that you use to expose light into your mesh, when it has photo sensitive emulsion on it and your film positive (There is a post on how to use this machine). In another word, it bakes your mesh.

-Newspapers-To cover the table so you would not create a mess or any stains on the table. Also news paper can also be used to print on.

-Screen board(the board at the bottom, holding the mesh)-A board to put your Mesh on so when you print, the mesh would not move about. So you can get a nice smooth outcome.

 -Scalpel /scissor-To cut stencils or other materials out in fine details.

-Hazard Cone-To let others know that there is a hazard ahead. So hopefully no one will get hurt.

-A Mop- To clear up any mess, as the Jet Wash can create alot of mess.

-Paper towel-To wipe up any mess on the table or on yourself, or simply use it to print your stencil on.

-Emulsion for screen (PhotoSensitive emulsion)-To print film positive onto a mesh, you will need this emulsion coated on the mesh, before you do so. The product will allow the Mesh to bake within the exposure machine.

-Scooper-The tool that you need to put the emulsion onto the Mesh.


Paint type- Acrylics

Acrylics mix with Mediums
1 scoop of Acrylic
2 Scoop of Mediums

Mediums- 2 types to choose from
Type 1-Normal medium
        -Smells like food such as cherry, NOT EATBALE!!! TOXIC!!!
        -For paper

Type 2-Fabric
       - Fabric paint
       -For Clothes only!!

Wash Hand after use!! Or if you get it on hands during the time, WASH HAND ASAP!!! >_<

Monday, 16 April 2012

Notes-U.K TV- A Condensed History

-Films came in early 20th Century

-Films with sound came in 1927-The Jazz Singer

-1922-The British Broadcast Company (BBC) started-output-Radios

- 1926-BBC became a coporation, with Jogn Reith as Managing Director

-1936-BBC TV was introduced

-1939-1946- TV stopped for WW2
-1952- The Queen Coronation

-1955-ITV Came (Independant television)

-1964-BBC 2 started

-1969-Colour TV was developed

-1982-Channel 4 Started-Countdown was the first programme to be shown

-1983-Breakfast TV existed

-1988/1989-Cable and Sky TV started

-1995-Channel 5 was made

Things that caught my attention in Berlin-My personal opinion

I recently went to Berlin for a week. It was good, seeing all the art and the famous tourist attraction. Such as their traffic light, instead of a colour it just a red and a green man walking. Along the holocaust memorial, Reichstag's, Berlin wall, Filmhouse etc.
It was really nice seeing all different kind of art and history. Showing how creative people are and ways art can express something. Even though the place i was, was quite quiet, it was pleasant. Like early in the morning it was cold but the bird still sing, as it gradually got warmer, more bird started to sing more happily.

However my time there I have notice that Alcohol and tobacco is cheap, along they advertise smoking. It  was shocking for me as I have not seen a smoking advertisement in public for years!
As I thought that smoking advertisement was banned, since they want to make people more healthy. Along produce less pollution to the earth and also protecting others people from second hand smoke, as that does more harm.

I brought some cigars for my boyfriend a pack of 25 cigar only costed €18. I also brought 5 packs of flavoured ones, each pack contains 5 cigars and the total price for them was only €5. In total i have brought 50 cigars for €30. That is ridiculous cheap!! It good for me as i spent little on it but at the same time, why is it so cheap over there?? Since tobacco is cheap over there, doesn't that encourage people to smoke more? Plus the advertisement, telling people to don't think if they should by it and just buy it. Clever way to advertise but is it good? telling people to smoke...

The food place i went to, the food was quite expensive but then again, it probably just cause of the place i went to. However...the price of alcohol, that's another story...
 I've brought 6 large beer for under €5, it is good beer over there, I'm happy about that, but for the people who live there permanently. Cheap alcohol and cheap tobacco, surely it is not good for their health? Along would it not encourage young children to drink and smoke at a young age? and the price of it, it would make it easy for them to buy since it does not cost too much. Along the law say that they are allow to drink at the age of 16. In the U.K it is 18 and the price of tobacco and drink is far more expensive here, and that does not stop young children from smoking and drinking already. So it makes me wonder how it works in Berlin and if they have this problem as well....
But then again, Berlin gets alot of tourist. so they probably make alot of money, selling tobacco and alcohol to them. It leaves the buyer and the seller both happy. :)

During my week there, i did not see any children smoking or tons of people smoking. Which i was surprised and quite amazed. Though i saw little kids, junior school age kids, with Blackberry, smart phones, iphones and the adults with less flashy high tech phones. It made me laugh, as it is the same in the U.K.

All in all, it was a good trip, a really nice place. The experience was worth it, i would go there again. I Loved the art and creativity. It is a place i would definitely recommend to those people who is interested in art and history. :)