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Monday, 31 October 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Rumours

There are countless of articles about the Olympic and the Stadium but there is no reasonable answers to it. Some may sound very true that it will happen but thinking it in a different way on how it fits in and healthy safety reason. It gives out reasonable reason not to do it, like how it can not be entertaining and fit in within the show, for example the famous red arrows. It is a trademark however it makes you wonder how it would fit in the show and if it is safe enough.
 Here are some-

-It was said on this website that the Stadium will be taken down after the event. Really??

-Promise made to the Queen. True or False?

The Stadium will be renamed Ann Summers?

The Beatles will reunite just for the Opening Ceremony performance?

No red arrows?

Another Event cancel due to Olympic?

Other Rumours and each section, such as dancing.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012,Tickets

Tickets are being sold fast, which is generally no surprise as the Olympic on comes once every 4 year and it is world wide. However the way the done it, selling the ticket, is quite unfair. As according to the London2012 website it said the tickets can only be brought by using a Visa card only.

However you can buy the tickets according to the Thomas cook website. They have created package deals, so people can stay over the night in London after watching the event. Though the ticket to the games can be very expensive, such as from £99-£500+. I personally they done this as a opportunity to gain more money, since it is a one off event and world wide. They know clearly that someone would buy the tickets in whatever price.

Co Cola a well known brand is sponsoring the Olympic. From their website you can see that people have chances to win tickets to see the events or other prizes. Simply by buying a bottle of coke, as each bottle has a code so people can enter it on the website.

In this website you can see the cost of each event. Such as the opening ceremony can cost over £1000! So some people may need to reconsider if they really want to go or if its worth it.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012,Stadium problems- confusing!

Right, alot of people isn't sure anymore about the Stadium. As Beginning of the year on the news paper you hear alot about it but now its quiet. However, reading some articles and the date it was publish, its now confusing and does not make much sense.
From below you would see:

On the  London 2012 website it said the Stadium in complete, that information was published on the 29th March 2011.

But according to the BBC news, it said that the stadium deal collapsed, on the 11 October 2011.

However on the London 2012 website again, it said the Stadium track was in use. That article was publish on the 3rd October 2011

Though on the Mirror it said that the Stadium started building back in 2008 on May. Information was also published in March 2011

hmmm....What to believe? =/

Friday, 28 October 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Stadium and the funding

The event will be held in the United Kingdom in 2012. On the 27th July to the 12 August. Then on the 29th August to the 9 September, the Paralympic will take place.
 Around 300 events will happen within London and out of London, depending on the sport. They will be expecting around 205 nation to take part, within the Paralympic around 147 nation will take part.
The U.K have held the Olympic game before, more than once, back in 1908 and  in1948.
Information was told from this website-http://projectbritain.com/olympics/, if you want to know more information.
Nevertheless the Mirror- http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/london-2012-olympic-games/2011/03/29/london-2012-olympics-stadium-facts-and-figures-115875-23023627/
Told the audience that Stadium started building 3 years ago back in 2008 on May, how they manage to turn the football stadium into a Olympic Stadium.

According to the London2012 website: http://www.london2012.com/news/2006/04/65m-funding-boost-for-elite-sport.php, it is said that the public invested 58.8million pound towards building the stadium. But later on it was announced by the government that the money raised to 300 million pound, to prepare the athletes "The funding will mean that athletes from all disciplines are offered the opportunity to compete and win on home soil in 2012.".
Meaning that all UK athletes chances of winning will be increased as they would gain special treatments and get what they need in order to succeed .
From the website the new funding package highlight are:

  • Additional investment in all Olympic sports except tennis and football, making total public funding for each at least £465,000 per year

  • A single increased amount for Paralympics, rising year on year, with decisions to be made over the next few months on the sport by sport allocation from September

  • Targeted funding for existing performance sports as part of no compromise approach to medal success

  • Significant new investment in sports not currently represented at the Olympics to kick-start performance levels

  • The flexibility for each sport to take their overall award and maximise its impact according to the unique challenges and opportunities they face.

  • However it was rumour that while building the stadium there where financials issue where the stadium could not afford to be finished off or the deal for the location of the stadium to be built did not succeed. For more information the location press the link.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15251893

    Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Mascots


    Many people find the design of the mascot weird and don't like it but when you find out what each part of it means, it makes sense. The design is quite smart, as it does have the famous highlight on London.
    The top gold mascot represents Olympic and the blue mascot represent paralympics.

    Wenlock-Wenlock was named after a place in Shropshire. It was where Baron Pierre de Coubertin was invited to go to by a local Doctor, William Penny Brooks. William Penny Brooks admire the Greeks society  and their phsyical education. So he created physical game in the town to promote it's goodness. The Baron Pierre de Coubertin was interested and created a proposal to make this event more modern "International Congress of Paris for the Re-establishment of the Olympic Games’ and a committee"  Which now is known as the Olympic committee. Within the Baron Pierre de Coubertin diary, he noted down how the people in Much Wenlock inspire him. To this day his notes holds a strong value   

    Mandeville- Mandeville was named after a place in Buckinghamshire town. Where the start of Paralympic movement started off. It was back in the 1944 when Sir Ludwig Guttmann, a neurosurgeon worked in the Stoke Mandeville hospital. He wanted to encourage disable people and ex soldiers to be active and how they can have a new life. He started of by making them do exercise that they can do such as archery and table tennis. Slowly making them gain their confidence again.  On the day the Olympic started  Sir Ludwig guttmann did a archery competition for 16 of his patient, it was no accident that it  was done on the same day. He wanted his even to be more popular and dream of it becoming a Olympic for disable people, the Parallel Olympic. Which it did indeed came true and created new life for disable people.

    My Review on a Review

    Within the article “The Sarah Jane Adventures: a fitting tribute to Elisabeth Sladen”, it tells the audience what they are planning to do as a tribute, celebrating her achievement.  They planned to release the last few episodes at 5.15pm (5.15pm the time where family normally have dinner) on CBBC to mark her death, making it memorable. Elisabeth Salden sadly died from cancer at the age of 63, her role as Sarah Jane made her like the children’s doctor (She was Dr Who side kick), it was also hard for children’s to confront the fact that she died. The last few episodes that are going to be released are about the school reunion. Where the former aliens and other companions will be in the episode to show the special moment they once had. It features the main characters, Rani, Clyde, K9, the adopted son Luke and of course Sarah Jane. I personally think they done this gather up to sum up the whole story, making it nostalgic for the audience and the actors and actress. Making the audience remember the adventure they once joined with the characters.
    Though to air these last few episodes the company had to ask her family permission if they can release it, due to Code of Practice. Her family gave permission to release the last few episodes, knowing that she would off wanted it, as she knew the story of The Sarah Jane Adventure is important to some children’s.  So she would have been disappointed if they did not release it. Sadly Elisabeth Salden is not here with us anymore to enjoy watching the last few episodes.
     The show The Sarah Jane Adventure was commission in 2006 as a spin off from Doctor Who.  The show gets a fraction of the budget from Doctor who, which is not much. As back in 2009 Russell T Davies said that the show was nearly cancel 3 times due to lack of money invested.
    The co-producer and the writer said “we never really, in writing it, thought of The Sarah Jane Adventure as a kid show”, the storyline they produced are smart. It made the story imaginative and not patronising for the audience. However the ideas that they came up, it just happens to suit children’s, though sometimes the script they produced for the idea gets turned down. Due to the storyline is very similar to the Doctor Who episode that is going to be release soon. Even though they had small budgets The Sarah Jane Adventure did very well, as they had more credible position than Torchwood. Torchwood is a series based on a world of violence and sex, along with endless paedophiles. In general Torchwood does not suit children’s; as children’s haven’t got much common sense they may learn from the episode and copy it. Thinking there is nothing wrong with it and it is perfectly normal. For example the sex issues, it may encourage children’s to do it. From that it can cause more problems such as teen pregnancy and unsafe sex. Since they may not have much knowledge about it and what it can cause.
    From Torchwood, it can question The Sarah Jane Adventure, due to Sarah Jane being a 60 year old woman working with children’s. It can be paedophile like and it can be risky, as the audience may not accept it. A person called Davies said “I wonder if the BBC would series about a 60 year old woman in the lead of a kid show if there no Dr Who connection”, which refers back to the paedophile fact. But since Sarah Jane is Dr Who sidekick they got away with it. Also Sarah Jane was different to the other sidekick; she didn’t scream and be useless. Instead she fights against the aliens; it made her character special and different. Also the article said that Elisabeth Sladen is magnificent, to be able to play the role as Sarah Jane amazingly. Though according to another article “The Sarah Jane Adventures are going to be fun”, people was scared that The Sarah Jane Adventure was going to be bad, however the show succeeded and it made her character even more long lasting.
    Overall The Sarah Jane Adventure started off well and the show ended well. However to tell this article to a younger child, you would explain it simply. By saying that the article is about the last few episodes The Sarah Jane Adventure last is going to be shown tonight at 5.15pm. Making it like a tribute for Sara Jane, as the person who played her character sadly died. It would be a spectacular show like no other Sarah Jane episodes that you once saw.

    Links to the Article-


    Monday, 17 October 2011

    Censorship and Libel

    Libel deals with work before they get published. As they need to see what is written before published, since if what is written is offending someone, that person can sue them.  Unless that person is dead, in that case nothing can be done. If a writer writes about someone defamatory them, believing they applied the truth, they would need to prove it. Which will be at court and telling the court that they did not intend to do so, they did it just for the public interesting, will not get them anywhere.  Nor does saying a third party told them the information would change the judge mind, as the writer choose to write it and by that they hold responsibility for it.  While on the other hand if they can establish that it is their own opinion, a fair comment. That way they can get away with it. For example calling someone mad, it’s defamatory yet if writer said the person is starting to become mentally ill. It is ok as the writer is implying it and saying it in a less rude offensive way.
    Defamatory a person does not just mean famous people; it also includes normal daily people. Such as if a person talked with a writer and wanted it to be kept private and the writer did not. That person has the obligation to take action cause of the right of privacy and the writer would only land themselves in trouble.
    This affects a writer as they have to be careful on the way they write things about people, since some people may take little comments as highly offensive. Also offending someone can only land themselves in court.  For example a paparazzi, they tend to stalk celebrity and write about them for gossip. They would land themselves getting sued or even imprisoned. But I guess becoming a paparazzi mean that It is the risk they are willing to take to get news.
    However this also applies to other types of writers, such as if an author writes some real person name in their book or even has a character that is very similar to a real person that you can identify from. Then it still counts and the author may get sued.  To prevent this from happening the writer company normally have insurance to prevent being sued. Though unfortunately some insurance does not cover the author, it only covers the company but some insurance only cover the company until the problem is huge and the money wise is big. There are normally specialised people in helping people being sued, which is legal to ask them for help. It is best to seek for their specialised help first instead of straight away defending.  As it may give a bad impression to others and make matters worse. Also if you know the problem is big and you know you would lose there is no harm in trying to negotiate with the person who is suing you, or try to find another way to amend the problem.

    Censorship is similar to libel, however censorship controls the information that is being published and has the authority to move the information else-where or get rid of it.  The government normally has control of the censorship but it is not always done by the government nor is censorship done fairly. Such as if a famous person what certain news or video gone completely and they know people who deals with the censorship. They can use their power to get of that news or video. In that case it is not fairly done, it simply done through power.  Ben Shahn an artist once created a poster saying “You have not converted a man because you have silent him”, I personally think this meant that even if they got rid of the news and made it quiet, the writer and everyone who was involved will always know the story. On another hand it could mean that the censorship forced the writer to be silent, using threats.
    It was back in the 20th century where censorship was achieved through doing examination on TV shows, news report and other shows that used communication. Censorship started off to help protect people along with the church and the state. It is a good idea to bring in censorship as they protect people. Such as something’s people publish can deeply offend someone and it may even ruin their life by emotionally hurting them.  Such as the tabloid emotionally hurt Brad and Emily (from The Bachelor). It affected their relationship but fortunately they are still together.
    Censorship affects a writer as the stuff they write may not always get published and sometime what they write can lead them to danger or being threaten. As the writer can be dealing with some people who has a lot of power within the industry.  

    For more information, links below:


    Copyright is something used for people to claim their work as theirs. So if other people use their work they would need to ask them for permission first, or else if they don’t the owner of the work can sue them.  As example music, it is popular on Youtube where people use music from the chart to create their own video, without asking the company that owns that music permission to use the music. Normally Youtube would get rid of the video and let the owner of the video know or if the company who owns that music saw it, then they would contact Youtube to make sure that the video is off. Though further action would be taken if the person who created that video creates more video with other famous music then their Youtube account would get suspended.
    Though not all copyrights are like that, such as a letter. The person who received the letter owns it however the way the letter is written and what is written belongs to the writer. Meaning the person who wrote it has the copyright to what is written only.   
    In Europe and few other places, they make the copyright right extended for life and even 70 years after that person death, which is known as data publication. I personally think they done this to prevent people trying to claim the person work as theirs and making sure others don’t take advantage of the piece of work.  Such as Steve Job died someone recreated the apple logo, three people claim it as their piece of work, so the copyright for it right now is unknown.  However I personally think that Apple has the right to have a say in it as the style and the way it is, is Apple design.  The only difference is instead of a bite it is Steve Job head, even though it is a different design, it still has the Apple design element within it.
    Nevertheless copyright affects a writer a lot as copyright helps them protect their work, yet it can harm them. Such as if they decided to quote other people work within their work without asking for permission, the writer can be sue for it and it can be known as words of criticism. Moreover if it is a short quote the writer sometime can get away with it but it is generally best to ask first, safety first. Though within one work a writer can quote 300 words each time, however they should not going over the limit which is 800 words. While in a poem its 40 lines or less, as long as it under a quarter of the work.
    For more information:

    Royalty Payments

    A royalty payment is where a pay is constants thanks to a piece of work. For example a writer writes a book, the company would need to pay the writer continuously, due to copyrights. The company normally pays the writer at the end of the month to make life easier for them, since every time the pay is different. Due to the amount of copy the book is being sold within that month. Also the pay is lower than upfront fee as it is a constant pay. 
    There are things called royalty fees, where they are paid as a contribution for the whole entire organization to keep the system running and run smoothly. Meaning that fee pays for the office workers and other people within that section of the company. Along the writer get part of it as well, as it funds them to produce more work for the company. Therefore it creates a win-win situation for the both of them. Such as if the book is popular around the country, the company would translate that book and publish it around the world, earning more money. For example the famous Harry Potter books, the book is been sold around the world. J K Rowling from being a penniless mother turned into a wealthy person, along making the company earning millions! From that it shows you how much the royalty payment affects the writer, as it is their main income.
    However the royalty payment can be anything such as music or costume design.  From my own knowledge about theatre, the person who designed the costume for the musical Priscilla, every time when they change the crew members the costume would stay the same. Due to it being designed for the show, a permanent design, from that the designer would get a constant pay for it and it is also copyright. Also if the show goes on tour or is being shown elsewhere the costume would also need to be the same and the designer would once again get paid.
    For more information about the royalty payment please click on these links:
    For information on J K Rowling:

    Agent Representation

    An agent representation job is to represent their company. For example a writer, if the company wanted to sign them up to publish their book, the company would send someone to represent them. Explaining to them about the details and hopefully get their agreement or a contract with them, due to copyrights. To do this job the agent representative has to have proof that they are representing a company or else the writer may think they are a false agent. However the agent may also deal with other writers along with them, trying to gain as much profit as possible. As not all agent representatives are close with the writers, some agents are only into making money and not into being close with the writer to create a friendship. Though there are some who are close to the editor and writer. As they would like to help the writer and editor as much as possible, to make things run smoothly along maintaining a good relationship with them. 
    How the agent is can affect the writer a lot. Since if there is a problem the writer will contact the agent or if there is news the agent would contact the writer. The writer can get work through the agent, such as a book signing events. Which will make the writer more well-known and have other jobs line up for them to do, it also creates a win-win situation for both of them.  As the writer gets more job and the agent and company gets more profit. 
    Though if the book writer is rude or has a bad attitude towards the agent, the agent may dislike them and not care for them much. From that they writer will has less work. As some people may not work in a professional way, such as they should keep their home life at home. For an example if two friends work together and they had an argument outside work, it generally should not affect work as that problem is outside of work and work should be another matter.
    Nevertheless an agent can also work the other way round where the agent represents the writer. As an agent representation job is to represent. Also an agent representation job can be representing a company that sells house for example, it generally can be anything.  

    To find out more about this role please look in these website:

    Wednesday, 12 October 2011

    PHOTO-Mitch Hewer

    Went to college today and got told that Mitch Hewer would be coming into college to open the theatre.
    Oddly it became a question and answer show, but apparently after he did this talk he join the 
    drama students. Teaching them to dance...i think...
    But Anyhoo.. just a photo of him in my college today :)

    Tuesday, 11 October 2011

    Notes-Goldren Rules Of Good Script Writing

    Trying to get your script to the best as possible, you generally might like to follow these rules/advice...

    1-Compare your work with others.
                  -That way you would know what you missed out.
                  -Gain ideas/inspiration.
                  -Improve your own work, as everyone work tend to have a quite a big difference.
                  -Allow others to give you negative and positive feedbacks.

    2-Dynamic Opening scenes
                 -It gabs the audience attention.
                 -It can be very dramatic.
                 -It can create a question for the audience.
                                     -which creates an Enigma! 
                 -It establish the main characters.

    3-Engaging characters
                  -It will make the audience wonder and carry on watching.
                  -Make the story better.

    4-TV is a visual medium 
                  - It means show rather than tell the story

    Subtext-Meaning underneath the words
                                - Such as the characters does not exactly say what's on their mind.
    Meaning Beneath Words
    -It gets the audience mind working. 


    Different type of mic's for different use and gain better sound quality.
    HOWEVER the images of each type of microphone  does not mean that it look just like that! There is loads of different design of each type of microphone! Keep that in mind!!
    Also the images are from Google!


    Directional Microphone is best used for doing voice overs or for presenters.
    Also Directional microphone is used in
    news reports as the microphone picks up sound from
    straight ahead of it. It is best for those type of recording as it would not pick up other unnecessary sound around it and just focus on what is ahead.


    Omni-Directional microphone is used mainly for chat shows or discussion shows. As the microphone picks up sound all around it, it is perfect for those type of shows. That way you can hear everyone loud and clear, along it saves them using wireless clip on microphone.


    Cardioid microphone are used in drama's, to pick up the dialogue. It is perfect for that use as they mainly pick up sound above and below it, it would be like focusing on the actors dialogue only. The outcome of the recording will be good quality as it picks up the dialogue nicely from both up and down, it be clear.

    When using a microphone's in filming you should always get the microphone as close as to the person as possible! That way you would pick up the sound clearly as good ad possible! But without getting it in the camera man way and in the shot, or else the filming would look unprofessional!
    Happy Filming guys! >_<

    Sunday, 9 October 2011


    Sounds is not as easy as you think it is, it is hard to deal with during filming. For example using a Car engine sound.

    Engine sound-the sound changes all the time, so it is hard to get it the same all the time.
     To solve this problem they record only the engine sound once and keep on reusing it. It would be known as a WILDTRACK sound, as it add on at the end (during editing).

    If filming a pub scene, there will be no sound played, as they would only need to hear the dialogue. So people the back would only be miming. But when it comes to editing the track they would add on the sounds(example below).  

    Sound Wave

    From the left it shows the sound is loud alot is going on there, as the sound wave is dark and long while on the right the sound wave is little and not as close together. It shows things are calm there and not as loud. When it comes to editing and dealing with it, the lines showing the waves make it easier to work with.

    Sound Bridges
    The first boxes represent a conversation. When editing a conversation it is best to overlap each section of it, so it would seem normal instead of sounding like block cuts.
    During an conversation there tend to be music playing in the background (the bottom line in the diagram), to make the conversation more smoothing to listen to. 

    The sites that you may want to go on to download sound would probably be-

    Wildtrack and Incidental music-both are pretty much the same thing as they are
    both known as add on music/sound track