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Saturday, 31 December 2011

PHOTO-Happy New Year

A time to start fresh and make a change. May this year be wonderful or interesting or weird or more for you all...
Though to those who worry about the whole 2012 end of the world issue....no one knows if its true or false but hey ho does it matter?? why not enjoy every moment of life for now before you regret it? hmm? ^-^

Sunday, 25 December 2011

PHOTO-Merry Christmas!

A time to go crazy in spending time for your loved ones. Along the chance to go all out in presents. A time where everyone gets on, filled with laughter. So enjoy yourself for the day and forget all about the bad situation! :)
Merry Christmas! Have a lovely time people! =)

Research-Avatar made people suicidal

There have been issues where people gone depressed and suicidal after watching Avatar. The link above is an article about this issue.

After watching Avatar people went depressed due to the fact that the world of Pandora is beautiful and perfect, compare to the world in reality. Where its polluted and people are killing it even more. However some people have taken this film too seriously, as they reached the point where they truly want to or believe in the fact that world Pandora exist and how they wish they are there.

In a way our world once was, beautiful and creative in a different way. But now its covered in technology and polluted like crazy. From things human have done, such as from selfish human beings too scientist who try to make living better for humans or save the world, through technology. 

But to those who thinks that people who went suicidal is crazy and don't believe it, they should think again and their is countless of forum for people to communicate to each other, around the world,about which part made them suicidal and how they currently feel about the situation. To an extent, this issue was also on the news before,  when the film was released not long. 
The link below is a link to one of the many forums, however to view most things you have to be a member.

Research-Avatar, James Cameron joins Amazon Tribes

According to this article (link above) and the DVD. James Cameron spent time in Brazil with tribes to gain experience and inspiration to film Avatar. He join the tribes in defending the Amazon. Which soon made him the figurehead of the international campaign against Amazon destruction, Especially the multi billion-dollar Belo Monte hydroelectric dam project. As the government believe that this Dam will improve the country economy. But it would mean sacrificing the rainforest, where the tribes live. The tribe people will be homeless and their lifestyle would be different or would they even survive? Adapting to a new environment, as within their world technology is not needed nor is money.
According to the article it said that Cameron said "I felt like I was 130 years back in time watching what the Lakota Sioux might have been saying at a point when they were being pushed and they were being killed and they were being asked to displace and they were being given some form of compensation", from that it shows that he is experiencing something completely different, unimaginable like. Along he is getting really into/involve in helping the tribes, serious business which he cannot leave alone.
From my point of view, from all that Cameron has gained alot of experience and inspiration.
As this is similar to the Avatar storyline were the Navi is trying to protect home tree but the humans are destroying it. But luckily god is being nice to them and sent out a person from a different place to help them. Like Jake is from the human world, he helps the Navi and where Cameron is a person from the city and he helps the tribe people.
Nevertheless the film Avatar can also work as a advertisement, making more people notice about the Dam issue within Brazil. Hoping more people will know about it and help in protesting. Or simply making people see what the world has becoming to. Where everyone is relying on technology and cant live without it and slowly killing the world more.
I personally would not be surprised if our world ends up just like the one in Avatar, where its filled with technology and animal gets extinct, or the pollution gets ridiculously bad that people have to wear a mask out all the time .

Monday, 12 December 2011

Self Reflect thing


-Handing work in time.

-Always in college

Reasons For Success:

-Get good grades

-Get into Uni

-Get a career
Less Successful Outcomes:

-Not good with filming and editing

-Time limit
Possible reasons for making less progress in this area:

-Time limit in work


Areas For Improvement:

-Improve children drama

-Do more blog work
Future opportunities that would be helpful:

-Useful resources

-Chances in gaining experience


Basically during college we got told to do this, so lectures would know whats good and bad. So hopefully they would sort issues out and everyone would be happy and peaceful in class and stuff. 

Monday, 5 December 2011

Research Presentation on Avatar

First slide, the topic.

Talking about why we choose this topic. There alot to say about Avatar and to debate about.

Reason why it took 12 years to film.

Talking about if the 12 year wait is worth it.

Talking about the CGI, on how they capture the Navi characters.

On about how they created the creatures and how they filmed them down.

Talking about the creation of the world Pandora.

Good and bad points about this film.

How much the film has made.

The key features on why this film is popular.

What people have written and what James Cameron has said about it.

How the film made people Suicidal.

Our own opinion about the film.

Some of the websites that we used to gain information.

At the end, there always few who got questions to ask.