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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Music video research-Offspring-Kristy, Are you doing ok?

Off Spring-Kristy, are you doing ok?
The video shows the audience the location, such as by showing classrooms, hall ways. To set the scene, while Dexter (the singer) is sitting on a sofa in a rough looking building, with a guitar and singing.  Within the Dexter singing scene you can see on the wall the papers of which the girl in the video was writing and drawing on. I believe this is to show that Dexter is remembering the time this has happen and he never forgot about it. In the video it shows the girl is trying to fit in and pretend she is the same as everyone else. Such as their few scenes where she with a group of females laughing away and they wait for her when she put make up on, showing everyday normal life in this century.
While deep down she is not actually happy as it seems like something is happening to her. Such as the scene in the changing room, she waits and make sure everyone left before she gets change.  Along within her locker her photos with her friends, she starched out her own face. This is normally a sign that she dislikes herself and the affect of it is normally due to abuse, which leads to depression. Along with the fact there are scenes where she drawing or writing in her book, showing her emotions. Example the scene where she drew an eye with tears coming down it, it tells the audience her feelings. Nevertheless there are few extreme close up shots of words within her writing. To give out messages that she is actually hiding her feelings and something bad is going on for her. Example the first word being shown was “Dear dairy”, it shows that what she writing goes into her book and how she keeps it a secret. Such as the word “bruises”, was also shown towards the end of the music video at 3.07.
The male that the audience see in the music video, I believe it represent Dexter when he was younger. As the song lyrics relates to him being sorry that he never told anyone or did anything when he clearly knew she was suffering. So he hopes she is ok now.
According to YouTube there are 2,147,346 views, 10,306 likes and 109 dislikes. From this information you can tell that this music video is popular, as within the 2,147,346 views 8,357 people have marked this video as their favourite.  YouTube statistic says that this music video is most popular to both genders around the age of 13-17. From experience and looking around, a young adult tends to think that no one understands them and that they are going through a lot while everyone else is having a perfect life, and they don’t fit in. Therefore I believe this music video is popular to them as they can somehow relate to this song or they are witnessing a situation like the music video.  As a comment on YouTube by Wafflessmellgood said “Goes to show you never know whats hiding behind a smile”, this comment gained 35 likes.
  To back this opinion up, there are few comments where someone said they can relate to this song and how it emotionally affects them. Example LS50622 said “I don’t know why I cry so hard after I listened to this song!!!! QAQ”, while on another website Kayla Louisville said “This song has helped me out so much from dealing with what it talks about and I never thought a song could get to me like this one did and I love it and inspires me to help other people who went through what I did”. It shows that this music video is powerful, as it manages to help some audience or emotionally move them.
Nevertheless Dexter said so himself that this song is dedicated to a girl he use to know who went through abuse and everyone knew about it, but no one did anything. Now he regrets for not doing anything back then and he now hopes that this song can help other victims to speak up or overcome their problem.  Such as in the song in the chorus “Don’t waste your whole life trying to get back what was taken away”, it tells people don’t grieve about it, they should be strong and move on.   

Which is an advantage as it can help others to move on. Along spreading the word that there are people who go through this everyday and that people should help them.
 Yet the disadvantages are that it may make some people remember the bad times and end up in depression again. 

Overall this video is kept simple, by not having special affects or wackiness or any flesh revealing scenes. This shows that this music video is a serious one with a message. Also it shows that you do not need any flashy scenes or flesh revealing scenes in order to gain a good music video and rating. A good music video requires a good song.
This song can be purchases in their album Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace album that came out in 2008. This can be brought in HMV or in other CD selling stores and on their website. For this song only, it can be purchased on itune. Or you simply can go see Offspring live to hear this song.     


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