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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Jobs in the Media Sector-Prop Maker

For this assignment I have chosen the role of:
-Prop Maker
-Voice actor

Prop Maker
Job Profile:
Needs to be able to assembles props, figures and other set props for either theatre production or films. They would need to be able to measure and mark cuttings. As they will be measuring materials  and lining them up for further use. Such as making templates for example.
Nevertheless they would also need to be able to use a variety of tools, such as drill press or other machine tools and also being able to Hand make some props. A prop maker would be using a variety of materials from wood to metal, so they would need the knowledge of using each material and being able to use it. Along they must have a good communication skills as they would be working along with others.
A degree in prop making or other art/media production degree will be needed. Such as technical theatre diploma. Or a special specific training.
Job Description:
The job of a prop maker, they are expected to make realistic look objects for either theatre or film production use and also being able to repair props. They would be making a variety of objects such as from accessories to weapons or dolls. It all depends on the script that they are given.
They would be expected to use a range of skills, such as sewing, sculpting, painting, carpentry etc.
 Along knowing their stuff such as the period of time the object was in, to make it more realistic and believable. Such as experimenting with materials and use of techniques.
They would need to be able to listen to instruction in making props, as designs will be given to them by Production Designers or Art Director or Property Master. When the design is given to them they would need to carry out their own research on how to make it and point out what specific tools they would need to create the object. Within the time that they are given and are also within the budget.
For each object they create they would also need to create two of it, just in cast one gets damage within the shoot. Also a prop maker would be expected to tell a actor or actress on how to use a certain prop when required.
Skills needed:
A prop maker would need to be able to communicate with a variety of people as they would be working as group sometimes or talking to other people from different apartments such as Production Designer.
Also they would need to be able to keep to a deadline and under pressure along working within budgets.
They would also need to be creative and imaginative, pay extra attention to details,  in to create a variety of things.
A range of practical and craft skill will be needed to experiment with a variety of materials, such as solving some problems like repairing a object.
Getting this job:
To get this job it would be best to develop your skills through work experience or to receive an apprenticeship. Such as BBC sometimes runs a training program to allow people to gain work experience or other media training.
 Though to get into this industry sometime it is best through connection or knowing the right person or simply through luck. Though there are seasonal work within this industry. From someone i know he worked temporary for Harry potter, he made the coins.
 £8 per hour
It may involves evening and weekend working.
Freelance worker are expected to work immediately sometimes.
They are expected to have the basic prop makers skills, carpentry,painting, sculpting, computer work(e.g Photoshop) etc
Code of Practice:
According to the BBC guideline
 -"unwanted conduct which is related to a protected characteristic (age,
disability, gender re-assignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual
orientation) or unwanted conduct of a sexual nature; and that conduct has
the purpose or effect of violating someone’s dignity or creating an
intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive working
environment " In order to work well together harassment is not allowed nor is bullying.
-"The employee will not be eligible for any pay increase due during the period of
any Improvement Plan. This will be reviewed and the pay increase reinstated
at the point when the employee has consistently met the required performance
standard." There should be no arguing if someone got a pay rise due to their effort being put in within the work.
-"Individuals are expected to be capable of carrying out the work they are
engaged to do at the required standard." As a prop maker they should be able to do their own work and reasonable for it.
For more information click on the link-http://www.bbc.co.uk/foi/publication_scheme/classes/policies_procedures/staff_policies.shtml

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