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Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Woman In Black

The woman in black... the story tells how a woman holds a grudge against her sister for letting her son die. As she never forgave, she haunts the village, killing a child one by one. Many people within the village believe it is her doing while there is few people who believe it is a myth.
Daniel Radcliffe (Mr Kipps) a family man, goes to the village to do some paper work for the woman who passed away. People try to help him by telling him to go home and not to go to the house, but he refuse to listen. As he simply did not know what was going on within the village. Until one moment where he stayed within that empty isolated house, during the night. A serious of event happen, following on with a chain of event. One by one, a child dies,  it created mystery for Mr kipps as it leaves suspicions to the woman who once lived in that house. At first Mr Kipps did not think much about it until the fact that he saw the woman in black in a house fire, making a little girl kill herself. When Mr Kipps was told about the story of the woman who lived in that house he was in, it  shocked him and made him remember that his little boy was going to the village to visit him the next day. From the serious of event happening to children's death, it put Mr Kipps child at high risk. Since during his time back in the house Mr Kipps saw the woman in black face to face. It makes him a target and a great danger to people all around him.  To prevent his child from dying he had to help the woman in black to reunite with her child, as the child body was never found. Though a cross was put where the child died, so it gave out a clue on where child is.
With help of the person who took him in, Mr Kipps recovered the child body and put it within the house. Putting the child in the kids room and playing all the toys, to attract the woman. To come and see her child once again and reunite, hoping they would rest in peace and leave the villagers alone.
Mr Kipps succeeded, so when he came to pick up his child from the train station....he thought it all ended. Until... the woman in black appeared once again when he reunited with his little boy.  His little boy went on the train tracks, Mr Kipps runs for his son. The train goes by, the audience does not know Mr Kipps dies as the train went pass, the previous dead children appeared. From the fact that his nanny and his friend was shocked and in tears it is obvious to say that Mr Kipps and his little boy died. However the bright side is that he and his son is with his wife once again, a complete family at the end.

This film is quite good in its own way, however it is not scary like people say. It simply just have few jumpy moments but they were kinda of expected. Such as when Mr Kipps put his hand by the hand print on the window.... it was obvious that something "scary" may happen. Though I personally believe that the director James Watkins, did a very good job in building up the suspense to make the audience fear and jump. As that scene certainly made everyone jump, as it also had a scream that was piercing. Since within the build up, James Watkins has caught the audience full attention and deep within focus as they wonder what will happen next. It makes them unaware of what is going around them in reality, such if someone is stealing their stuff, they would not be paying much attention to it, as they are too into the film. Which made the scream more effected as  it was unexpected, so it made the audience wide awake and surprised.
James Watkins played with the audience mind as he kept the audience wondering on how the next victim is going to die or who. Along why the woman is doing it.
 Good use of theatre of the mind. As it keep the audience guessing during the whole film, since it gave out quite few clues. For example the woman child. Mr Kipps looks through the window and saw the child coming out from the mud and walking towards the house. Then later on the bed was starting to fill up with mud and the child appeared. These two example gave out the clue that, that child is the woman child. Along how it died and where the child body is.
However within the film you could say the children's was the Muguffin, as the whole film was based on them and if they would live or not. However the rocking chair back in the house also played a heavy part within the film. As it was in the child room, it was where the woman killed herself and the chair rocked when the woman appeared. The way the chair rocked was important, such as how fast it was rocking and how loud. As it builded up the suspense, such as when Mr Kipps was in the house at first. He heard a noise coming from the child room (He did not know it was the child room at first), the room was locked and he had no key to open it. Until one night the chair rocking sound got dramatically loud and fast, it made Mr Kipps anxiety. Since he did not know what was in that room and he needed to find out, but when he went back downstairs to get a hammer to break the door,  the room was unlocked and open. Which at that  moment the rocking chair was rocking slowly and quiet. It created a mystery for the audience, but personally to me...i can not look at rocking chair the same way anymore...

Though the ending of the film disappointed me. Mr Kipps and his child died because of the woman in black. But by killing him was she repaying him? To reunite with his wife again? Or simply just killed him? Since before this scene it was a close up shot of the letters she written saying she would never forgive and at that moment the voice over said eleventh child, repeatedly. Even though at the end the audience see the woman n black, with her face perfectly fine now, the audience would of expected her to scream but she did not.
So in my eyes it leaves the audience guessing and the story abit pointless, along that shot abit pointless.
Along this film is abit overrated on how scary it is or how non scary it is, and the debate about how it should or not not be a 12A. At the end, we're all entitle to our own opinion so it does not matter what other says, as long as you enjoy the film.

Overall  im not saying anymore about this film as it would simply give out EVERY THING and ruin the film for you even more. Sooo....go watch it! Its worth it! Alongg...ENJOY!
Here the IMDB link, if you want to see who the actors and actress are,or to find out other information about it-

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

PHOTO-Happy Valentine Day

Happy Valentine Day people! >.<
Valentine day is not just a day for couples to be together, it to show how much they appreciate each other. It is also a day for single ones to confess to the one they like. If your lucky the person may say yes, if your unlucky and the person said no then... I'm sorry to hear that. BUT just remember that, you gave it a shot! So there no regret!
Nevertheless it is also a day for you to say to your friends that you love them dearly as a friend, for always being there and helping when things goes bad for you.
So lets all enjoy Valentine day and spread the love! =^-^=
I was once a person who did not believe in love, to be quite honest I still am.. but not as bad as I  use to be... but anyway...this year 2012, it is my first time spending Valentine Day with a guy that I'm actually dating. Kya!! Needless to say it was an amazing day even though it was simple. Simply the best..
I baked him a Cake tin full of his beloved Cherry bake wells along with some present and card. A way to a man heart is through his stomach right?? :)
As for him... it was ridiculously sweet and full of cheese in my opinion.  Within a box it was his car key and letter saying how much he loves me, along with a poem. After reading I went to his car and open the boot as that's the only place to find the present. When I open the boot I was speechless! For a person like him, it is out of his comfort zone and he put sooooooo.... much effort into it! People always said that he put his heart in his sleeves... I truly agree with them. I have been good friends with him for 8 years and he been chasing me for 8 years.... He never gave up on me and now we're together but taking it slowly...As we both want to focus on our career. :')
 Let see where this take me in the future, but I know for sure that i made the correct choice. :)

I know it's a day old but at least I posted and...you can not exactly blame me as I was out for the whole day... enjoying Valentine Day. :)

*Huggs for all* ^-^

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Research on Competitor Analysis

Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis is where companies track other companies. Seeing how well they are doing and the reason why. Such as if a company is doing really well, it would attract other companies to copy their tactics and then alter it a little to make it seem like it is their own original idea.
When companies analysis other companies it helps them to improve on their own products. They can improve on their product for the future sales. It also help companies to know who they competing against too, along knowing what to invest on that may come handy in the future.
 Example Asda Vs Morrison, they are well known for competing against each other. At one point they both did a giveaway vouchers, targeting “Cash-strapped” consumers.  Fighting for the same target audience, it made the companies seem like they are desperate to have these consumers or don’t want the other companies to have any consumer at all. As one point Asda and Morrison was also fighting for Iceland. This shows how much they both compete against each other and how badly. Along it shows that they are both analysing each other quite well and deeply. Considering the fact that they both do the same thing or similar.
However the good thing about Competitive Analysis is that companies can get more strategies ideas for further development. Along it helps companies to know who they are competing against too and know what is coming to them.
On the negative side companies can end up copying another company all the time, to the point where they forget the whole reason for doing it in the first place. It makes the company no longer look “original” and it may ruin their image/reputation. Nevertheless the consumer may find it boring and get tired of it, which might lead them to have less interesting in buying from them anymore, or could not careless about the offers or deals that the company created.   

For more information, Links-
http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/Competition-concerns-cast-tele-2190775006.html?x=0 http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/news/rss/1098840/Asda-Morrisons-resort-giveaway-promos/ 

Research on Product Reach

Product Reach
Product Reach is about how good the product is distributed, such as how far the product can go to the type of stores and consumers.  Another way to say this would be that how popular the product is, by the way it has been advertised and how much is being sold. So knowing how far the product has gone out like if other country is also using the product.
The diagrams shows how much information and thought need to be put within the product, showing it is not a simple matter. Along they must know their target audience well, in terms of advertising and sending off their products, to make it successful

For example a makeup brand,   Max Factor.  They provide a variety of shades and types of makeup, suitable for a variety of people. Along it is also a well known brand, it is well known for its high quality of the makeup and how expensive compare to the other brands.   
As it is well known brand and a variety of people use it, it is being sold in a range of places such as the typical cosmetic shops Boots and Superdrug.  Along in other popular fashion shops such as Debenhams, Debenhams is also well known for the variety of clothes they sell such as designers. Which mean it is not small price, therefore Max Factor will fit in there as their target audience is more towards wealthy people. Along other people who like good quality products or can simply afford it. Max Factor is also popular for the fact that celebrity and professional uses them, from there it advertise the product more. Making more people use it or want to posses it, it makes the product spread all around the country, leading to other countries.
Nevertheless the good thing about Product Reach is that companies can see how popular their product and if it reached their target audience and area.  Along they would know what they need to improve on to make their product more popular and get it sold in more variety of places. Also Product Reach tells companies about how other companies’ product Reach are, therefore creating competition and further development.

Though the bad point about it is that less well known brands will have a lesser chance in competing to the well known brands. Which makes less chance for them for their product to be in the market and even in the market it may not be big. Also how far the product reach the audience also depends on how well the product is being advertised along the variety of it. Also Product Reach does not tell companies their specific target audience well, such as the person age or career. Therefore it would be quite hard to create further development.  

For more information, link-

Research on Advertising Placement

Advertising Placement
Advertisement Placement is where people or companies put their advertisement up, the location. Such as how online became more popular than advertising through radio.  As the new generation is more into computers and technology, the use of books or radio has gone down. Therefore where people put their advertisement is important as where you may put it your target audience may not be there.
For example advertising business on banks or new technology on billboards, generally the best place to put that kind of advertisement would be in busy area, like the middle of London for example. As 24 areas it is busy, filled with business people walking about and other variety of people such as tourists.  Though advertising farming equipment on billboards, you’re more likely to see that in the country side than in towns.
Billboards are useful as they attract people attention due to its size. Along if people are driving and are waiting at a red light, they would more likely look around while waiting, than constantly staring at the traffic light.
Another example of Advertising Placement is that placing advert online. As most people spend most of their time online now, you can pretty much doing anything online such as shopping.  So what kind of advert you place in certain area is important and wouldn’t look odd. For example a person is on gaming website, the most suitable advert to be placed on that website would be things to do with games such as selling consoles or promoting new games.  As it would be relevant than placing an advert about aging cream, putting aging cream on that website would not make sense nor would it make much money. Since it is at the wrong place and it is not their target audience.

However the good point about Advertising Placement is that it stands out, attracting the consumer attention. Along advertisement can be placed in a range of places and type such as online and billboards. Either way it targets the audience specifically.

Nevertheless the bad point about Advertising Placement is that the consumer may not look at the advertisement. Also the consumer may think the advertisement is a scam or simply fake. Such as online advertisement, sometime it may look bad and says press on me to go directly to the website, it may send off a misleading message to the consumer. Such as the consumer may think it is a virus or just a fake advertisement that may lead them to something else such as porn.

Link for more information-

Research on Audience Profiling

Audience Profiling
Audience profiling is where an organisation or a person finds out about someone profile in detail. Such as information from knowing their age to gender to interest to career and also information about their finical background. That way they would find a suitable way to send across a message about their product. As different type of jobs and careers affects the person living condition and location, which creates different meaning for their actions. 
When the information is gained it then would be sort in categories. Such for a film, if they find their target audience, the target audience information would be put into subcategories, such as splitting the age and gender. That way they would know clearly of their target audience and the gender it appeals more towards too.
For example the data they gained on a film, such as they got 10 percent of adult likes it or watches it. It would translate to 10 percent of adult’s watches it.
Another example the book “PS I love you” by Nicholas Sparks, a tragic romance novel. It targets a wide range of females, but probably more to mature females, as they would have a more understanding of life and relationship. To advertise a new book Nicholas Sparks would need to find away to promote his new book, by this he would need to know what kind of female brought his books most. This can be done by either questionnaire or looking at buyers reviews. To promote the book Nicholas Sparks would need to use meaningful titles or a famous quote within the book. That way it would capture his audience attention.
The good points about Audience Profiling, is that people or companies can find their specific target audience. That way it would narrow down the ideas and save some times in thinking up new ideas that may not work or needed.
However the bad point about it is that, it may take a long time to find out audience information. Along not all people are happy to tell others about their full profile details and they may lie about it. Also BARB counts 16 year olds as adults, therefore information may not be very accurate.   
Information link below-


Research On Audience Data

Audience Data
ADUK-Audience Data UK is a project that gathers a range of studies, so they can analyse the audience data. ADUK has partnerships with Art Marketing Association, Wales Millennium Centre and many others. As working with others will provides them with a wider knowledge about a range of audience.  As the ADUK use their information to create a clarification and guidance for people, such as for a group of people that is starting a business or simple for some companies. So themselves can use the data and analyse it and see what would be their target audience.
For example BARB they measure television audience data. They find out what film is popular among different type of people. They do this by putting a Panel in some people home, so they would know what the person is watching and at what time. This sends information to BARB, so they can collect the data then analyse it for further information and use.
The good point about Audience Data is that it becomes handy for people to know their target audience, such as what time and what day. Along it tells people that there may be a variety of people that is also interested in whatever is being shown or being brought. That way they can expand on their market research.
Nevertheless the bad point about Audience Data is that it does not tell about the specific target audience.  Such as the audience age and gender or any other further information about them, it is not told within the data. Which is a downside as people will find it harder to specifically target their audience or find their target audience.
Information link below-


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Research on Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour
Consumer behaviour is where people find about the audience opinion, using psychology. As the audience behaviour changes due to different reasons and what may occur, also by what they wear. Such as if they have financial issues, it will affect them on what they buy, as they are limited on how much they can spend, so they’re way of thinking will be different to others who does not have financial problems or is simply wealthy.
Nevertheless Finding out consumer’s behaviour is a benefit, as it helps companies with their marketing strategies and any further development and improvement.
 For example the product Mini eggs by Cadbury, if Cadbury want to find out what kind of audience appeals to Mini egg the most, they can do a questionnaire on it. As questionnaires can be either use open questions or close questions, or a mixture of both. After the questionnaire they can collect the data and put it into categories, so they would be able to see which age or gender it appeals to the most.
The good thing about Consumer behaviour is that companies would be able to know clearly that, that who are their target audience is. Along if there is a market for their product and if they can improve on it. Such as if they have market for their product, it means that the product is quite popular and further development can be done to improve it.
However the bad side about Consumer Behaviour is that the companies’ advertisement may have misleading context to urge people to buy it. Along it depends on the quaintly of research, as 10 or 100 people cannot represent the whole of the population. Though companies would not tell the consumer on how many have agree to this so it would make the consumer think a lot of people agree with it, along making the consumer think that it is correct or what it does it completely true.   
Links to information-
Principle of Marketing, third edition
Tourism Principles and practice, third edition