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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Need a job whiles in uni? Help?

Some students tries to get a part time to help them survive during uni. Some say it is easy, some say its hard, I say it depends on luck.
From personal experience, I have spent my summer applying for part time jobs. I have probably applied around 20ish jobs and at the end I finally got a job. It was not easy and it took alot of effort, along it is not the greatest working place as the hours are not steady. So some week I may work for few days solid and some months I do nothing. But heyy its a job right? Can't complain, plus the people I work with are fabulous! :)
However....to those who are still struggling and need a bit of money... why not join Milkround? I have, I am a rep for them, so I make abit of money. But I have still applied for jobs on there from other companies.
It is worth joining, plus there no harm right? What have you got to lose?

Here is the link to milkround to join, it is FREE.

I hope you do join, as it is eyes opening and......plus helping me earn some pennies :') haha...


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