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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Analysing Thriller poster

The plot from IMDb-
"A brilliant plastic surgeon, haunted by past tragedies, creates a type of synthetic skin that withstands any kind of damage. His guinea pig: a mysterious and volatile woman who holds the key to his obsession."

-The typography, the colour red and white. I personally think that the white part of the font represent skin and the red, represent blood. To match the title "The Skin I Live In", as if you cut your skin you will bleed. It would give out a chill to the audience as they would expect some science related issue within the film, that maybe cringing.

-The colour used, silver grey. The way they used this colour within this poster, makes it seem like it is a clean cut place, like completely sterilised. A hospital or a lab, is where you generally would expect a clean and sterilised place to be, in a secure location. 

-The girl, she wearing a mask which does not seem like a normal mask you would wear, even if you go to a party. It seems like a special kind of mask, like it meant to support/help her face or skin(if there is something wrong with it), though such weird mask it makes you wonder what it is about. Also the lines from neck downwards and the fact that she is bold, it is not normal for a female. It makes you wonder what is going on with her, is she a test subject or is there something wrong with her? Moreover her facial expression, it does not seem like she is relieved or anything, but more towards scared or shocked. From how her eyes looks, it seems like it is giving that message out, as her eyes stares right into your eyes. 
As for the lines on her body, it gives out several different messages, such as markings you get before you do a plastic surgery, or a scar mark  and maybe a copy of the outline of the human doll that shows how different features within the body, such as the muscles layout.

-The guy, the fact that he is leaning over the girl it shows that he is the dominant one in this picture, as he is over powering her. From his expression, his eyebrows rises up, it seems like he is aiming for something, Such as if his experiment succeeded or he is prepared for the consciences of something he has done and he does not seem harmless. More or less the clothes he is wearing, a simple nice quality silk shirt, yet he does not give out a pleasant feeling. He is wearing the type of shirts that you would expect a business person or a rich person to wear. From this it tells the audience that this guy is not someone simple, he has power. As the girl looks scared and he doesn't, it could mean that he using this girl or controlling her.  

-This will scare the audience as the title " The Skin I Live In", they would not know what to expect to see. As experimenting with skin would mean bio, biological situation could only mean gruesome or crazy science, as your are playing with nature and you don't know what will happen nor what it would cause.

-Overall this will thrill the audience as science experiments tends to be kept top secret by the government or the the military.  Who knows what will happen when it becomes public or what it can cause. 

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