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Saturday, 31 December 2011

PHOTO-Happy New Year

A time to start fresh and make a change. May this year be wonderful or interesting or weird or more for you all...
Though to those who worry about the whole 2012 end of the world issue....no one knows if its true or false but hey ho does it matter?? why not enjoy every moment of life for now before you regret it? hmm? ^-^

Sunday, 25 December 2011

PHOTO-Merry Christmas!

A time to go crazy in spending time for your loved ones. Along the chance to go all out in presents. A time where everyone gets on, filled with laughter. So enjoy yourself for the day and forget all about the bad situation! :)
Merry Christmas! Have a lovely time people! =)

Research-Avatar made people suicidal

There have been issues where people gone depressed and suicidal after watching Avatar. The link above is an article about this issue.

After watching Avatar people went depressed due to the fact that the world of Pandora is beautiful and perfect, compare to the world in reality. Where its polluted and people are killing it even more. However some people have taken this film too seriously, as they reached the point where they truly want to or believe in the fact that world Pandora exist and how they wish they are there.

In a way our world once was, beautiful and creative in a different way. But now its covered in technology and polluted like crazy. From things human have done, such as from selfish human beings too scientist who try to make living better for humans or save the world, through technology. 

But to those who thinks that people who went suicidal is crazy and don't believe it, they should think again and their is countless of forum for people to communicate to each other, around the world,about which part made them suicidal and how they currently feel about the situation. To an extent, this issue was also on the news before,  when the film was released not long. 
The link below is a link to one of the many forums, however to view most things you have to be a member.

Research-Avatar, James Cameron joins Amazon Tribes

According to this article (link above) and the DVD. James Cameron spent time in Brazil with tribes to gain experience and inspiration to film Avatar. He join the tribes in defending the Amazon. Which soon made him the figurehead of the international campaign against Amazon destruction, Especially the multi billion-dollar Belo Monte hydroelectric dam project. As the government believe that this Dam will improve the country economy. But it would mean sacrificing the rainforest, where the tribes live. The tribe people will be homeless and their lifestyle would be different or would they even survive? Adapting to a new environment, as within their world technology is not needed nor is money.
According to the article it said that Cameron said "I felt like I was 130 years back in time watching what the Lakota Sioux might have been saying at a point when they were being pushed and they were being killed and they were being asked to displace and they were being given some form of compensation", from that it shows that he is experiencing something completely different, unimaginable like. Along he is getting really into/involve in helping the tribes, serious business which he cannot leave alone.
From my point of view, from all that Cameron has gained alot of experience and inspiration.
As this is similar to the Avatar storyline were the Navi is trying to protect home tree but the humans are destroying it. But luckily god is being nice to them and sent out a person from a different place to help them. Like Jake is from the human world, he helps the Navi and where Cameron is a person from the city and he helps the tribe people.
Nevertheless the film Avatar can also work as a advertisement, making more people notice about the Dam issue within Brazil. Hoping more people will know about it and help in protesting. Or simply making people see what the world has becoming to. Where everyone is relying on technology and cant live without it and slowly killing the world more.
I personally would not be surprised if our world ends up just like the one in Avatar, where its filled with technology and animal gets extinct, or the pollution gets ridiculously bad that people have to wear a mask out all the time .

Monday, 12 December 2011

Self Reflect thing


-Handing work in time.

-Always in college

Reasons For Success:

-Get good grades

-Get into Uni

-Get a career
Less Successful Outcomes:

-Not good with filming and editing

-Time limit
Possible reasons for making less progress in this area:

-Time limit in work


Areas For Improvement:

-Improve children drama

-Do more blog work
Future opportunities that would be helpful:

-Useful resources

-Chances in gaining experience


Basically during college we got told to do this, so lectures would know whats good and bad. So hopefully they would sort issues out and everyone would be happy and peaceful in class and stuff. 

Monday, 5 December 2011

Research Presentation on Avatar

First slide, the topic.

Talking about why we choose this topic. There alot to say about Avatar and to debate about.

Reason why it took 12 years to film.

Talking about if the 12 year wait is worth it.

Talking about the CGI, on how they capture the Navi characters.

On about how they created the creatures and how they filmed them down.

Talking about the creation of the world Pandora.

Good and bad points about this film.

How much the film has made.

The key features on why this film is popular.

What people have written and what James Cameron has said about it.

How the film made people Suicidal.

Our own opinion about the film.

Some of the websites that we used to gain information.

At the end, there always few who got questions to ask.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Discussing an interview -Gerard Butler the phantom of the opera interview

In this interview it talks about Gerard Butler and his point of view on the The Phantom Of The Opera. Such as what he thinks of the characters,the cast member and the actual characters. Along the way the musical is filmed.

People know Gerard Butler is not a singer, he is simply an actor. So it surprised alot of people and himself, as to get this role he had to audition in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber (in 1.52-2.07 Gerard Butler talks about it). For anyone it would be very nerve racking as well, as its Andrew Lloyd Webber! I personally think Gerard Butler was chosen to play the role of the Phantom as he has that look,Gerard once acted as Dracula before which is quite similar to the phantom. Though his voice is low but smoothing, very mystery like which suits the Phantom as well. It also tells the audience that you don't exactly have to be a singer to audition in a musical.

This interviewer allowed Gerard Butler to express his feelings about the film in details.How he understand the story well, as he knew the story well he can pity the phantom. While some people who does not know the story well will just think the Phantom is pure evil.
However the interviewer made this interview good as she did background research on Gerard Butler and The Phantom Of The Opera as she gave her own opinions. Such as in 6.14 she talks about the Phantom mask, how Gerard is too good looking to cover up his face.
Also from that it allows her to ask reasonable questions and questions that the audience would have asked. Such as which part of the film is Gerard favourite, opinion on the crew, the kiss scene with Emmy etc. In the interview she did not make it tense or uncomfortable for Gerard or pressure him in saying stuff he does not want to, instead it was friendly as she laughed in some parts to show she is interested in what Gerard is saying. Along she must of kept good eye contact as within the interview Gerard did not once look into the camera and the way his eyes was, it seem like he is looking directly to the interviewer. There were few compliments she said that kept Gerard happy so he would answer her questions without problems and she made him look good in the interview. For example in 6.14 where she compliment his looks and how it was a pity he had to hide his face behind a mask. It allowed him to explain how he enjoyed being completely dressed up to play the role as there is more challenge towards it and different, since in other films you see his face completely. 
The angle of the shot is good, as one side it is Gerard Butler while the other side is the poster of the musical and no shot of the interviewer so its completely focused on Gerard Butler.
 A mid shot, so the audience can see Gerard body language clearly as well and he seem fairly relax within the interview. Especially in 7.42 where she ask Gerard about the kissing scene with Emmy Rossum. His body language showed that he found that scene awkward/embarrassing but proud of it, as it is a powerful scene. Reason it may be awkward is that he was 35 and Emmy was only 18 when they filmed. Though the interviewer really nailed him, leaving him with lost for words and trying not to say wrong things. As then the film was not released yet so what happens within the film he has to keep quite until its released. However in this part of the interview, must of been tense for Gerard Butler fans as they would either know and want to know how it was or shocked and want to know more. Gerard manage to express it in details on how it was and the situation of it, how they did so many retake on it. It made him sound professional, as he mention how they try to kiss for ages, showing that they don't mind it as they are professional and it is simply only acting. 

Though the bad points about this interview is that the interviewer is not very organised in the beginning. Gerard Butler had to wait for her and she even said she was sorry for the flathing around.
Though it did not help when a person walks pass in front of the camera in 0.09, however it shows it was rushed and time limited interview. I personally think this interview was done during a filming break or just before filming. Due to the location, the poster and the chair. Along at the end of the interview she rushed it, by constantly saying thank you. It made it sound like she wanted to get this interview and done with so she can do the next interview, which maybe with Emmy Rossum. Also in 1.56 where the interviewer said "And sing one of his amazing song", the way she said it sounded flat. It showed a bit of lack of interest or know little about Andrew Lloyd Webber, such as only know the basic about him and his works.

Overall the interviewer got information about what people would want to know and left Gerard leaving happy at the end. Which in total it shows it is a good interview, as there was no unnecessary question was asked and all. But simply left the audience excited for when it comes out.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Moral within a film-Sex And The City 2

Directed by-Michael Patrick King

Staring- Sarah Jessica Parker
- Kim Cattrall
-Kristin Davis
-Cynthia Nixon

I was dragged to watch this with my sister, I never watched any of the series. However I did not find it that bad, it was quite interesting to be honest. How these 4 woman cope with their marriage life (part from one).
It kinda is based on reality as these girl are girls with a good job or simply wealthy, all can afford designer clothings. I haven't seen Sex And The City 1 but from the way it is you don't need to know the story for the first one to know the story for this one.
The story started off where everyone is in a glamorous gay wedding, where the characters are introduced. Showing what their lives are like and how dedicated they are to their relationship. From this it shows the audience that everyone marriage and committment is different, therefore they should not worried as long as both partner are happy.
Samantha Jones, the one that remain unmarried and keeps flirting, her job manage to land her and her friends to a trip to Abu Dhabi, free off charge. They stayed in a luxury hotel where they simply had the best out of the best. However due to Abu Dhabi is not a open country, Samantha had problems trying to cover herself up and keeping young AND still try to flirt with guys(which caused problems).
While the others had time off from their marriage life or try to cope. Within the film it shows how these females cope with their marriage life and times with their friends, how they had their ups and downs. The girls express themselves more and communicate/understand their other half more thanks to the trip. Such as Charlotte, she a house wife, she found it hard in Abu Dhabi as she feared her nanny would have an affair with her husband. So it made her seem like she glue on to her family, while on the other hand Carrie and her husband decided to have time off from each other to keep the sparks. But at the end Charlotte found out her nanny is lesbian and she needed time alone as she was too stressed out, as for Carrie her husband understood her more and their relationship deepen. As he saw how honest and committed she was towards him, Carrie saw her ex in Abu Dhabi and went out for dinner with him but end up kissing him. She had the choice of not telling him but she choose too as she does not want to hide anything from her husband.
As for Miranda she quitted her job as a lawyer as she found out the company she works for does not care for her and she barely had time to spend with her family. In the trip to Abu Dhabi she found herself, how she can be a fun person and have fun at work with a new career.
It was interesting to see how Samantha lust for men's caused so much trouble. How in Abu Dhabi she met this guy and nearly had sex with him on the beach but end up being caught. Causing her to lose business with the hotel manager and how she and her friends had to leave Abu Dhabi as soon as possible as her fling caused her to loose their stay in the hotel, which they could not afford. But at the end she met the guy again in a different place and they had sex, hopefully he is the one for her.
Along how they found out that not everyone in Abu Dhabi are the same, as when Samantha dropped her condoms in public the crowd was furious. Thanks to a bunch of girls who lead them to a different place to keep safe, they show them that even though they are cover up they still love New York fashion and is up to date with it.
Also this film shows great friendship, such as how Samantha would not ditch her friends in a girls night for a man, how Carrie knew what shoes Charlotte was wearing when they where cover up and got lost or simply how Miranda knew everyone size and style in clothing when they went out for riding.
Overall loving what you wear is a not a crime and in this film it shows you that communication and marriage is not something simple, it is a big deal so people should not take it lightly...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Discussing an interview clip-Living With Michael Jackson, The Martin Bashir part 5

within this clip it talks about the issue that Michael Jackson went through in his life and how he face the problem, along with the reaction he gained from people.

The reporter did not seem like he cared about Michael Jackson feeling as he pushed on questions, knowing that Michael Jackson was not keen on talking about it. Such as the part where he asked "What did your father say say" at 1.00, talking about the way Michael Jackson use to look.
Michael Jackson looked very uncomfortable talking about it but he still said something, hoping it would satisfied Martin but it did not. Instead Martin pushed on and made Michael Jackson say how he felt and what his father said to him, bringing back bad memory for Michael Jackson and making him all emotional.

For a interviewer, it is important to do background research on your interviewees (example, Martin knows Michael Jackson dad said that Michael Jackson has a big nose),and it takes skills to get the information you want out of your interviewees by using different tactics but there should be boundaries.
 The way Martin Bashir was talking to Michael Jackson it was very monotone, where it show no interest or any other emotion towards what Michael Jackson was saying. Martin Bashir seemed more like a therapist then a interviewer, by the question he asked. The questions he asked are quite personal and emotional however it is what the audience want to know but it seem very detailed, along with the fact that Martin Bashir does not really believe what Michael Jackson is saying. The way he says things to towards Michael Jackson made it seem like Michael Jackson is wrong all the time.

In part 3.24 they are talking about how Michael Jackson looks, from black to white. Michael Jackson said to Martin that he should ask god about the way he looks as it has nothing to do with him, Martin quite snapply said back "What you mean it got nothing to do with you?". It's quite rude the way he said back and lack respect, by the fact that Michael Jackson said ask god it shows that he is religious. In Christianity, god has a plan for everyone so therefore the way Michael Jackson appearance is not in his own control, its god control.. In some ways it also seem very argumentative and Michael Jackson replied back in 3.47 with the fact that white people goes out in the sun to look black and trying to be what others are. Along with the fact that sun tan lotion is a billionaire business, why isn't anyone saying anything about it. At that moment i would say that Martin was shocked by the expression Michael Jackson gave and how Martin did not say anything back for few minute. But leading on from that it made Michael Jackson look bad as he flipped it around by saying how the way Michael Jackson looks is that he is trying to be something he's not as well.

This part of the interview is quite seirous and tense, Martin Bashir is focusing on Michael Jackson life pretty deeply and too focusedon Michael Jackson. As within the part of the interview you did not see much clips of Martin Bashir, mainly a close up of Michael jackson. I think they did this so the audience can see Michael Jackson reaction quite clearly, which is good.
 But another fact that Martin Bashir being too focus is not a good reason is that he lacks respect and kinda does not think before he speaks or the way he speaks. As in the part 4.08 he started listing some of the rumours about the way Michael Jackson looks and ignores the fact that Michael Jackson wanted him to stop by keep saying "oh please, oh god etc". Martin Bashir made it sound like Michael Jackson is unaware of it.

However from all that it did not seem like Martin Bashir is satisfied with all the information he gained from Michael Jackson, so when Michael Jackson invites him out with his children's Martin Bashir decides to take the opportunity by asking the children's questions as well.. Hoping he would gain information out of them, like how they may accidentally say something that they shouldn't have.
Nevertheless towards the end Martin Bashir asked Michael Jackson about his children's, the way he feels toward them. times like when Prince was being born, it made Michael Jackson seem like a really nice person as he cared so much about Prince and how emotional he was towards it.
In my personal opinion they had to do this, so the interview does not make Michael Jackson look completely bad.
Overall this interview is emtional and seirous, however it tells the auidence what Michael Jackson is like and the things he went through. So this interview is not that bad as the audience gained alot of information about Michael Jackson.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Notes-Interview Techniques

-How important is it to have a good interview techniques and why?
-Later on within the media course we will be needing interview techniques to
          do our FMP (Final Major Project).
        -Applying for Uni or Job requires a interview, to create a good impression
          of yourself.

NOTEIf you done a interview with someone before they would become a contact for life. That's if you created a good impression.

-Speak clearly
-Be interested in what your interviewee is saying.
-Have good posture
-Keep eye contact
-Keep topic relevant.
-Do background research.
-Have confidence

-Don't look at the camera
-Don't be aggressive-use foul language
-Don't make assumption about your interviewee
-Don't have hidden agender
-Don't mumble
-Don't fidget

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Phantom Of The Opera Review

The Phantom Of The Opera

Gerard Butler , Emmy Rossum , Joel Schumacher  

The Phantom Of The Opera the famous musical that is still showing today. Yay!! The fame came because of the dramatic and tragic love story and the phantom mask. The well-known mask, even for those people who haven't seen it will know it, it's almost like their logo. Most people believe Andrew Lloyd Webber was the one who wrote it when the truth is that it was written by a French novelist called Gaston Leroux, who believes the phantom is real.
        The film created by Joel Schumacher and Andrew Lloyd Webber, it guarantees you to be a good production, as these are both talented people. Like how the story is run, the start of the film was a drawing then it starts to move, making it develop into a black and white film. The black and white parts of the film shows you in reality while the colours scene's represent the past. The change of colours of the scene works like the narrator. The way it smoothly runs between the colours, I personally think you cannot do it any better than they did, as it was done magnificently well. Along the camera angles, it was mainly long shots and extreme long shots that were used. Showing the glamour’s surrounding of the theatre and out of the theatre. Example the phantom home, showing the details of the environment (very luxury and a massive supply of candles). From time to time you get close up scenes or worms eye view and bird’s eye view, to create an effect giving you a slight feel of actually being in the theatre. As your eyes does not focus in one way and one place. The scene that shows the costumes looking amazing makes the actors and actress emotions protrude. Like where Christine Daae sings “Think Of Me” the scene starts in rehearsal and then white light leading to the screen and spins to actually show different view. On what she sees and what the audience see, so you get a feel of what it will be like if your actually there. Mise-en-scene plays a smart important role in this film, likewise the scene where Madam Giry smiles at Christine when she sings; it shows that she knows something. She is the only one who knows the most about the phantom and his doing on what's goes on in the theatre. Also about Christine, as he is the one who trained her, Madame Giry is happy that the phantom would be pleased. Nevertheless an object that is important would be like the chandelier, it brings the past back to life and changes the scene colours as it goes up in the beginning and when the chandelier smashes. That's when the story ended. The chandelier plays a virtual role as it’s the controller of the film. While the colouring changing works just like the narrator.
    How the characters played their role and the movement they make it is the key point for a musical, as a musical relies on the actor and actress facial expression and their movements. Since musical theatre are seen in a theatre people at the back tend to find it hard to see, so exaggerating their emotion and gesture allows the people at the back to see clearly on what is going on.   Additionally if they suit their characters for example, Minnie Driver, she plays the role of La Carlotta. Bad temper diva, her movements and the facial expression she gives, gives a strong feel that you don't really like her as she very stuck up and self-centred. Which makes her characters strong, my personal opinion is that the way she looks suits the role as I cannot see Emmy Rossum play La Carlotta. The costume design in the film is rather pretty and represents the characters personality well, like Christine in the beginning she wears what every other chorus girls wear, plain and simple. This makes her look innocent, when she becomes famous her clothes gradually have more design and much more glamorous. Moreover the colours she wears, the bright and nice colour she wears shows she becoming wealthy and famous while dark dull colours shows she poor. Though within the film the colour used was very dark and Gothic, even the dance gave a dark feel, thanks to the good choreography (watch dance in “Past The Point Of No Return”). The clothing’s bring back history when the time where there was no middle class people, people was either opulent or stuck in poverty. Managing to get out of poverty required an extreme amount of hard work or a miracle, while landing into poverty was easy.
     Regardless of it being a musical, the songs are strong even the ones that creates the atmosphere and the way they enter and exit blends finely, the non-diegetic sound. Two that was truly memorable was “Overture/Hannibal” the one played when the chandelier went up in the beginning that was strong and loud. Though I did dislike the fact that I had to keep turning the volume up and down the since they were not very balance. The diegetic sounds was strong enough to show the emotions and the point across. Though the most powerful one in my opinion was “Down once More” the three main all singed different song but it combined into one, giving a thrill. As it was a life and death situation for Christine and it was the end of the story.
          As for the language they used, in visual wise it makes the audience focus carefully about the surrounding in the film, it manipulate the audience feelings and thoughts (the sound helps as it creates more atmosphere and tension).Like the monkey on the box, the role of the monkey is that it brings back memory for Raoul and the phantom so the scene can change colour to black and white. As for verbal language, the way the spoke was easy for nowadays people to understand compare to Shakespearean, even nowadays the remake of the film is still hard for some people to understand because of the words (Shakespeare was in the 15th and 16th century, different century but just an example). Also the way they spoke in the film tells you that they generally speak French due to the fact that they give out an accent and used the word ‘’monsieur’’, in French it means sir. Though the downfall was where Raoul says “bravo” he said it in the English way.
     Over all the film is targeting people from the age of 12 and above. Aiming at teenagers as well is that the film is like Sweeney Todd and Sleepy Hallow but no gory parts and it’s not exactly horror. For 12 and above means that the film is not childish and is mature enough for the older to enjoy. Therefore it’s suitable for them however it all depends if the person enjoy musical, if they don't then obviously they won’t like it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about it but I do not believe some should judge about the theatre version compare to the film if they have not watched both!
 My own opinion is that I really enjoyed it especially the closing scene in which the black and white scene, in front of Christine grave was the phantom rose. Showing that after all these years he still loved her. Ending the film in black and white with the rose petal in colour made me feel happy and sad at the same time for the phantom. Though watching it in theatre gave a different experience, making you really into it and after for more. Though thank god Andrew Lloyd Webber have created “Love Never Dies”, the sequel!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

PHOTO-Judging its cover

Most people believe a rose means love. However have you thought about it in a different way? How it can also represent something?
Such as different colour roses have different meanings or how many rose you receive from someone also has different meanings...

Roses can look graceful, though at the same time it can give out a mysterious feel towards it. Like does it portray happiness or darkness? It works both ways... its pretty sad to be quite honest, how a rose can represent love and death. It such a beautiful flower yet it has pricks. Showing that love can be amazing yet you will have your bad times and times where it may not last. As at the end a rose is only a flower, it will eventually reach the time where they will wither.

Within films, roses are given to girls to make them happy when they are on a date or something, showing romance and happiness. Yet in the Phantom Of The Opera, the phantom gives roses to Christine Daae to show his affection. However it did not send her happiness instead it sends her fear and uneasiness...

They say a painting worth a thousand word, i wonder how much a rose

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Notes-Type of Reviews and what you should do and don't do.

Type of Reviews-
     -App Store
-On the product (always positive)
-Newspaper(Express, The Mails and the Times are mainly politician)
             -The Sun-for wide audience
             -The mails
             -The News
          -Game magazine
-Internet(all personal, where everyone can write and review)

-Have good points and bad points (not basis)
-Make sure you keep on topic
-Describe in details what you are talking about
-Express own opinion
-Target audience
-Use appropriate language
-Proof read your work

-Insult the people you are reviewing
-Don't sensationalise
-Don't go off subject
-Don't repeat what you said already
-Don't "I think" make it too personal
-Don't be too manipulative (hidden agenda)

Notes-simple facts

Format setting-

DV-NTSC-American format, the way it work is different.

DV-PAL-U.K format, use Widescreen 48KHZ for best sound quality.


White Balance-Just instructing the camera to what colour are like.
                                -You can find it in Setting.

Iris-You can set it yourself if you want. It allows the amount of light in within the shot.

Presentation slide show- for Children's Drama

When we did our Children's drama project we had to create a presentation about it. Here what we did-

Slide 1-The Name of our program and the title of the episode.

Slide 2-The original idea's that we also had before we fully choose which one we would use.

Slide 3- Our episode story.

Slide 4- How our story follows Todorov.

Slide 5- About our characters and how they fit in with Vladimir.

Slide 6- The celebrity that can represent our characters.

Slide 7- We came up with alot of name ideas.

Slide 8-The places that we plan to film our Children drama.

Slide 9- The age we're aiming our Children drama too.

Slide 10- Code and Convention.

Slide 11-The equipment that we would be using.

Slide 12- Any question or any bad and good points to say?


What is a report?

A textual/visual/aural work that relays certain information or recounting the events in a presentable form.

Can there be a report for anything?-Yes! you can!
Think explain!-
-Official Document
-School Report
-News Report
-Health and Safety
-Medical Report
-Personal Report
-Radio Report

Is it always formal?-Why?

-Depends on the target
-Also,aural reports are difficult to be formal.

Researching,using books- On Noel Coward

According to the book "Movie Guide 1993"  Noel coward is a play writer. He written the play "Blithe Spirit".
Blithe Spirit is a comedy fantasy back in 1945.  It is about a man who's long dead first wife comes back and haunts him. This play won an Oscar for the special effect of the spiritual medium, Madame Arcati, though Rutherford was also wonderful.  

BBC news report style- on about the MTV Music award

We had to work in a group, 2 people being the witness, 1 reporter, 2 researcher. 
A quick simple report done within less than 30min.
Link to the website for the article that was used-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-156147144

At the MTV Award in Odyssey Arena where Coldplay performed first to create a great start to the show. Selena Gomez was the host for the night, she however challenged Lady GaGa in her ability to change outfits. While other stars created a dramatic entrance.
Lady GaGa was dorminate in the MTV award where she gain 4 prizes in different outfits! Wow!
Winning for best song, best video, best female, biggest fan. Such as an oversized silver dress with satellite dish as a hat. She was overwhelmed by the trophie. Though David Hasselholf had problems giving her the award! He could not find her hands within her outfit!
Nevertheless the other stars won awards, some even won 2 awards! Like Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Lets not forget, the Queen, they won for the global icon award.
And overall they did a tribute to Amy Winehouse, where Jessie J got emotional.
 But let see what our reporter has found out from other stars!

Review on The Big Bang Theory first season-Sheldon Style

 It all started with a bang! In a weird location where it tells homo sapiens that these characters are not very normal, consider the reason what they did. However back to the first episode a female moved in next door called Penny. Penny is a average normal girl until she meets the two of the opposite sex. Her next door neighbour are two super geniuses, they lead Penny to a thrilling full of adventure life, Bazinga!
Though they did invite Penny over to their place for a take away or a film night. What Penny doesn't know is that their is more genius males to come, that speak intelligently. Giving Penny more fun to go through. Making Penny change the way she is, making her more intelligent, if that is possible? Bazinga!
The marvellous points about this show is that its filled with wonderful smart clever jokes and ideas! Such as how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors in a different way! In Sheldon way it is played like this,
 Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes lizard, lizard poisons Spock, Spock smashes scissors, scissors decapitates lizard, lizard eats paper, paper disproves Spock, Spock vaporizes rock, and as it always has, rock crushes scissors.
 Also the story lines  are simple where it shows that there is a difference between being clever and smart. Such as Penny is generally not a very smart girl in education wise, however she has much more common sense and logic than males. As she goes out and see the world, where the males are indoors doing research, in their own little special bubble world.
Nevertheless if there is a positive there is a negative. The negative side of this show is that it talks about coitus alot and shows it. I do not think it is correct for young children's especially in our generation to see it as a perfectly normal thing like playing marbles, while in fact coitus is quite a dangerous things due to it's outcome. Children's need full knowledge about it before doing it however they do not! Therefore that this show should not encourage them to do it and think its nothing. So i would only recommend this show to be for both sex but around the age17+, as they would know more knowledge about coitus and also being able to understand the jokes and facts.
I personally quite enjoyed this show, it is filled with entertainment. Using normal language and changing it to not understandable when it comes to speaking about facts. My! In my own opinion, Penny should be greatful that these intelligent mens are educating her, filling her life with adventure and beyond. 
Overall at the end, the story is about a normal average female that spends time with intelligent males. Part from one who only got up to a PHD. Ohh what a pity that people can reach their limit so soon.
Live long and  prosper.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Opening Ceremony

The U.K Olympic opening ceremony is not as top secret compare to the Beijing Olympic. However the U.K plan to show the world Danny Boyle and his team. Along showing the culture of the host city and of course the U.K.

It was said that each nation will enter in alphabetical order and at the end when they are all in, Seb Coe (Chairman of OCOG) and Jacques Rogge will give out a speech. to welcome everyone to the Olympic game, to end the speech they would introduce the Head of Sate to declare that the Olympic game will officially start now. Later on it leads to the Oath where people will give a oath that they will compete and judge the show fairly, following the Olympic rules. Following by the lighting of the cauldron, where the flame will burn for 24 7 until the end of the event.

As for the Paralympic it is said that Brad;ey Hemmings and Jenny Sealey are the the artistic Directors of the  2012 Paralympic opening ceremony. While Sir Philip Craven and Seb Coe (Chairman of OCOG), will give out a speech to declare the Paralympic event to start and where the cauldron would be lit up. However the
event would be very similar to the Olympic opening Ceremony, having the same main features.

Due to the reaction the Beijing Olympic opening ceremoney gain, the U.K wants shock the audience even more. Creating pressure for themself, however it would be a interesting opening ceremony, to see what they done and how they done it.

By having well known famous people to take part such as Stephan Daldry. Along celebrating the Birtish culture and showing what they have to offer, showing it with great pride.

To find out more about the people who will be taking part, you can look at the Olympic blog-
It shows the kind of music that would be played within the open ceremony. Along with other information about the Olympic.

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Medal fact

Image found on. Where they talked about Tom Daleys, a young swimmer. He dived into the pool, creating no splash.

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Olympic job help

Students were offer a job to help out the Olympic event, such as Fareham College. A notice was passed around the college, giving everyone a opportunity to take part. The students had a choice if they wanted to do it or not. However the Olympic requested students to be 18 or be 18 by July, due to legal reasons.

Here is what one of the student who did the interview said-

Shahnewaz Choudhury (Bappi)

"The Olympic interview started off by filling out a few forms of our education, future aspirations and plans and various other information you will find in an application. In the next stage after they checked you have the right documents and information they had individual interviews. My interview went fairly well in my opinion. The interview started off by them checking your information and again and seeing your availability to work. They then asked you a few questions on what your future aspirations are and what working for the Olympics mean to you. Towards the end they would do a sight test as well as a smell test, asking you to identify 2 different smells."

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, The Olympic Torch

The torch was designed by 2 east Londoners, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. They enter the competition to design the torch and they won. Within the the torch their is 8000 circles that represent the people who take part in the torch relay. As you can tell there would be a total amount of 8000 people running. The 8000 circles would like tell the story of the person who took part in the relay, as they would of done something inspiring. Due to how transparent it is, the torch holder would be able to see the heart of the torch, seeing the burner system. According to the article the torch weighs around 800gram along heat resistant, as the torch is made from a special aluminium alloy that is made for aerospace and automotive industry. As their would be a wide range of people doing this relay,possibly even 12 year old's!

A while ago Lloyds TSB did a nomination where ANYONE can be nominated if they done something inspiring, you can even nominate yourself. However the nomination is now closed, though you can view who has been nominated and their inspiring story. Though I personally think that this was a really good idea as it gave everyone(doesn't matter what gender) a fair opportunity to do take part within the torch relay.

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Olympic logo racist

Iran finds the 2012 Olympic logo racist, as the way it looks it can spell out "Zion". It spells out Jerusalem in biblical term.
From the website it says Bahram Afsharzadeh (from the Iran's National Olympic Committee), said that he send a letter to Jacques Rogge saying that the logo is racist. He also plans to call other Muslim countries to protest along. They even said that some countries athlete may not be present in the event due to this reason.
Even though the logo was published 4 years go. It did not receive criticism  that it is racist until this year.
Looking at both website about the same problem, it tells you that it was written on the same day. March 28th 2011 and 4 years ago that the logo was published, that would make it came out back in 2007. 
Though when it was released people did criticise it saying how the numbers are in a awkward bulky shape, a weird design.
The BBC has a video about this problem, an interview with Jacques Rogge. He even claimed that their is no racism within it nor any political matters.

Though from my own opinion I think people are over comparing this Olympic to the previous one, in Beijing where it wow everyone.