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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Video installation research

Watching some video installation work, as inspiration. Giving me ideas on how to do my own video installation later on. Here are some small notes on what I personally think of these videos...

Video Installation at Biennale Santa Cruz 2010, by SONIA FALCONE
This video is quite interesting, showing how strips of light can do and how it can be seen differently when it is in different angles. Such as giving out different emotions. With the music going on with it, it makes me remember the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony. Where the people come up and down, pretending to be technology and the use of the light when they hit the drums.

Amazing Sand Art on Ukraine's Got talent - Kseniya Simonova

I liked the fact that the story is being in told in a new way and how one picture changes from another, without wiping all the sand out. It's amazing how people manages to do this with sand and a light box. Stuff that you can easily get your hands on.

Sam Taylor Wood-Still Life

This video is quite interesting, it shows how a bowl of fresh fruit can become within days. It shows the power of micro organisms. Though from this we learn what kind of fruit mould first and the fastest. 
However it does make fruit look less appealing and make you think twice about fruits. As these days all fruit and veg are forced to grow quicker, so they use this chemical. You don't know what harm the chemical can do to your body and if the fruit moulded, you would not know what it would be like.

.Sam Taylor Wood-A little Death

The rabbit decaying it pretty much showing what will happen to us humans as well, once we get buried. As nothing is going to stop the maggot from eating the body. Along the fact that humans and other living species are also biodegradable.

Sam taylor wood-hysteria

This video makes you think, why is she laughing and what is she laughing at. It also shows her emotions. As she laughs it how changes, her body automatically moves without her control. Such as her face slowly turns red. Though the bad side is, when people laugh, they are not breathing. So this moment when she is laughing, she is losing oxygen. 

David Lynch-Alphabet

This video is cleverly done to show the Alphabet, but very creepy in my own opinion. When you think of someone learning ABC, it would be children's, so the video would be cute, but this is the opposite, it is like a nightmare.
However I like the mixture of footage, from a live person to stop motion, slowly entering the letter one by one. Then use of the shapes and the human face making the letter is clever, yet scary. 
showing Alphabet is a whole new way. 
6 min of stuff-Getting Destroyed

This video is quite interesting as it shows things getting destroyed in details. The part that the naked eye does not see clearly. I like the fact that this person kept some part of the clips in its original speed and the rest slow motion, to make it seem more dramatic. Along all the things happening are simple daily use things.

Simon Ellis-Telling Lies

This video is pretty much telling a story by one word at a time. A girl and boy voice BUT both voice are from films, so the voice are several different males and females. Simon Ellis went through alot of films to find the right tone of the word, to show the story emotion.
By watching this video and reading the word along with it, your mind will automatically imagine the scenery. 

Ukrainian independence Building Wide Projector Show

A idea you would never thought of, projecting the independence building with other effects within the independence building itself. It is cool on how many effects it can do and show, without looking daft. However after watching it for few minute it does seem abit dull and abit dragged on.

Kye Wilson-The kiss 
The video is quite weird but I like the idea of it though. How Kye Wilson made this video like an illusion work. When it simply is people covered in a cloth/sheet of material. At first it did not look like that, until the footage was filmed in another angle that's when I notice it was a human under a piece of material. 

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