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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jobs in the Media Sector-Editor

For this assignment I have chosen the role of:
-Prop Maker
-Voice actor

Job profile:
They would need to be able to read fast as they will be reading alot of articles within the day. As there job is to read them then edit them, making sure it is up to the standard for publishing.
Job description:
A editor is expected to edit a variety of articles, making sure it is entertaining before it is published. Along doing research for certain articles, also dealing with interview materials.  
They are to help produce ideas for the writers to write. Along helping to commission freelance writers work. For all types of writer a editor is to edit their work and proofreading, making sure it is good enough to publish. Editors will also need to get along with artists and photographers as they are the one's who will produce the image for the article.
Skills needed:
To get this job you will need a university degree, mainly towards english literature or other related writing course, with a strong academic record. 
Along they would need to have a excellent writing skills and good communication skills. A editor will also need a the ability to work on their own or with others at time, but they mainly need to be able work under pressure and meeting the deadlines.
Getting this job:
There is no specific way in getting this job. You simply just have to look at places or look online if jobs are available in publisher companies or a magazine company or others. Then when it comes to the interviews prepare yourself with answers, thinking what kind of questions they may ask. Along looking the part, such as smart wear.
Paige Toons, she was once a editor for the Heat magazine, now she is a book writer.
An average editor salary is £28,000 per year. Though the more you work and experienced, your salary goes up.
Code of practice:
-"2.1 The BBC will have final editorial control over all BBC versions of programmes including all associated online and interactive elements commissioned from independent producers." Editors will be expected to edit online articles and paper articles. 
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