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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

PHOTO-My Daily route to the bus stop for college

7.30am On my way to college to do some filming and editing. A great view to start the day to be honest! =)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Celtx-Saving and Exporting your scripts

To save a script just go to the toolbar, click file, go down the list and press save. After this you can just pick where you want to save the file.
To export your scripts on Celtx go to the toolbar, find script and click on it, after this go down the list and there will be an option to export script. Once you have clicked on it you can choose where you want to save the file and in the format you want. 

Celtx-Useful Tools

Tools will be found in the toolbox which is under the tool heading in the toolbar.
To add tools just click on add tools and they can be downloaded to help with the projects.
A useful tool might be coloured notes which can help with grouping different parts of the script together so it is then easy to know which part is which, for example coloured notes for each character.
A session timer could also be useful to help time how long you spend on a project or even for how much you write, so you can see how much work you have done in a certain amount of time.
A dictionary might be a helpful tool to use also as it could help with foreign words and make the spellchecker better as more words can be checked and corrected.
Using a performance tracker tool could be a benefit as it can give you feedback/reports on your scriptwriting, such as number of words and time spent.
Also the Action tool, it makes it easier for people to write down the heading such as Sluglines etc...
Nevertheless the four icon (with pen, camera etc) it is handy as you can put music or camera angles within the script. So to those people who read it can imagine the scene much better.

Celtx-Getting Started

At the beginning when you start Celtx its splash page appears and to start a project you should click on a template from the heading project templates, after this you can start your scriptwriting.
After this has been completed you can add things to your project like the script or storyboard etc, by clicking on the add button at the top left corner.
To use Celtx services an account should be made by clicking on create an account and following the instructions. Once this is done your projects can be uploaded.
To save projects just go onto file and save project. However if you want to delete a project find the file and just simply delete it.

Note-To use Celtx you may have to download it! 

Script Analysing

Making it easier for people to read and understand, it may help them when they write your own script. 

Single Camera Formats-Bibliography and information trail

-A bibliography and information trail

The information that is used and founded is here, for those people that would like to find out more about each section.
The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 1-
The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 2-
The guardian, tells Glee situation in more details-
 Character profiles information for the Glee cast-
It gives information about some symptoms and the outcome of it-
Telling people about the CRB in better details-
Code of practice information and other code of practice that has and have not been mentioned within my reports-

Single Camera Formats-Copyrights and health and safety issues

-Copyrights and health and safety issues

From the way the episode is being told, Clyde said that they are near Heathrow (British Airport) and the fact that within the empty town there is real places like Bonmarch’e. Using Betfred as an example, Betfred is a real betting/gambling place, for this episode (The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet) they would have to ask Betfred for permission, due to copyright. Also the music that has been featured within this episode, permission for it is also necessary or else the company (BBC) may get sued.  
Within the BBC editorial guidelines, in section 18 it tells about the copyrights and the law. Also in the opening where the letters swirl around, the BBC logo appeared to let people know it is a BBC production. So if they have further issue such as complaints or want more information about that drama, they would know which company to look for. The copyright also refers to the book, Great Expectation. As it is a real published book, they will have to ask the publisher if they can feature it within this episode, or else they won’t be able to use it.  Which can be quite a shame since Great Expectation is a book that is well known to be read in school, so it is a necessary book considering the fact that Rani and Clyde are still school children and they have read it for class (something children’s can relate themselves to as well). The branding of the clothes is also important such as if Clyde wore Fred Perry BBC would need to ask for permission to use it along with putting it down in the credits.  

As for the health and safety it is important to note down the hazards and prevent them from happening or IF it happens they would need to know how to fix it. In the code of practice section 6 number 6.4.31 they mention that they should not put people at risk, so they have to do a check up on them such as their fitness. For example in The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 1, in 3.46 seconds, the scene you see Clyde on his desk drawing with only a spotlight and the rest of the room is dark (his mum is hard to see and the light represent night time). As the room has very little light, this can affect Clyde eyes physically.
 Along with the crew that is behind the camera, the studio may have to have low light as well to capture the shot. It is a hazard, as the crew members may find it harder to see where they are going. Which can causes chances that they may trip up because of the wires that are around. Nevertheless costumes wise it is also important, such as the robot costumes. They can cause a lot of problems such as the person inside the costume may not be able to see where they are going, so during filming they may find it hard to see and maybe even find it hard to walk.
 As the costume material looks very plastic and stiff to move in. Judging by the way the material looks, it seems like the layers are quite thick, which may cause the person inside to be quite hot and dehydrate. To prevent the person inside end up being unconscious they have to double check if they can get enough air in the costume for the person to breath. Along after each shoot they have some water to drink to keep them hydrated. Even though it is only a simple episode, a lot happens within it and a lot of health and safety issues that they need to care about.

Single Camera Formats-A Relevant Code Of Practice

-Relevant Code Of Practice

For The Sarah Jane Adventure episode The Empty Planet, the code of practice they have to follow is mainly from Section 9-CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE AS CONTRIBUTOR. Since this drama is based for children and people that are working with children. People who work with children’s have to get a CRB (Criminal Record Breuer) check, before they are allowed to continue on with the production of the drama. However they must obey this section 9 mainly. Such as under the The Impact Of A Contribution, number 9.4.23, it talks about how children should not be harmed on what goes on within the story. Such as in the drama the child parents are abusive and in real life the child parents is actually abusive, it may affect the child. The child should not be put in risk in situation like that or other similar problem. As it can emotionally affect the child, since there is chances that it would remind the child about the treatment they go through and it may cause them to have a break down. Such as it may cause them to be anti-social in the future or end up having the character they are playing as locked in them. Turning them self into that character for life, creating thoughts that are not true and think one sided. It may even cause them to over think, making it lead into a misunderstanding, it can ruin their life.  
  Nevertheless before they produce the drama they must get the child parents’ consent for legal documents, according to number 9.4.14, as younger the child the more protection they need since they would not know much and be vulnerable or gullible. However if the parents refuse to give consent the child may still be able to speak for their rights. Such if the child got interview for something and the parents refuse to let it be broadcasted yet the child wants it, the child may win. According to number 9.4.17, it says if situation like that happens the proposal would be sent to the senior editorial.

Today’s drama if they do not feature an Asian or colour person, the audience may say it is racist. Or not giving a person a fair chance, such as the issue brought up not long ago about a Glee cast. Actor Kevin McHale played as Artie Abrams, the disable role, yet in real life he is not disable. This caused a lot of problem for the show and people, as they gained a lot of complaints about it. For people who audition for that role and that are actually disable, they can use the code of practice, section 4 IMPARTIALITY, Contentious Views And Possible Offence number 4.4.18. For not giving people a fair chance in taking part of the show when they are suitable for that role. However if problems like that are to happen for this drama ( The Sarah Jane Adventure) the audience can complain to the company about it, following section 19 ACCOUNTABLITY, Feedbacks And complaints number 19.4.2. It tells the audience how they should complain and how it all happens. For example some people may use a lot of foul language when they are complaining, according to the section it recommends that when forwarding a complaint it should be treated politely and with respect.
 In my point of view the reason why is that the audience complaint send out a different message and the people who are in charge of taking care of the complaints may ignore or would not take it seriously. For an example for complaining is that, such as in (The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet) part 1at 1.39 second, it shows Sarah Jane walking away from the computer (Mr Smith), with her back to Clyde and Rani. Yet in 1.44 second, at the back you can see Sarah Jane legs yet Rani is facing towards Sarah Jane talking, which does not make sense since the computer is not made from reflective material. 
However I do not expect children’s to point that fact out or parents to, since they may not think it is a big deal even if they notice it.  Overall within the website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/editorialguidelines/guidelines) there is a lot more to read from to make people more aware on what the company has to care for, to produce a drama. However if people want to know more about the code of practice for children’s drama then the category they may want to see is Accuracy, impartiality, harm and offence and children and young people as contributors, as the few mains one.   

Single Camera Formats-Children's Drama-Narrative and Characterisation

-A report on the narrative and Characterisation used in an episode of a children's drama of your choice.

Within this episode (The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet)  the chain of events that was created kept children’s hooked on, as more problems comes and there is no answer for them making it make no sense. I personally think they done this as children’s tend to have a lot of questions to ask and would want to know everything that goes around them. From that some children’s might get involve with the story in trying to figure out the problem, making it fun for them. Along giving them a shock and thrill, for an example the times were Rani walking on her own outside her area and it was silent. Creating tension for the sudden smash sound, with a dog running pass afterward. It would scare children’s as it is something they would not have seen coming.The story started with Rani and Sarah Jane finding an alien energy, but it seems to be nothing that big until the next day when everyone is gone. Even Sarah Jane is gone, yet the animals are still there. Leading on from that, nobody is harmed, which does not make much sense on why everyone is gone and there is no harm done. 

It leaves children’s wondering as they would not have thought about why there are no crashed car and the fact that animals are still there. From that it has created a twist on what is going on.  To create the atmosphere that Rani and Clyde are alone, within the scene in the café they showed what people were eating such as showing plates of breakfast and half eaten toasts before they vanish. Just when children’s think Clyde and Rani is the only two people in the world, a kid called Gavin appeared to create more mystery. Yet it gives out more clues on what is going on (similar to Scooby Doo, more clues as the story goes on), such as the first clue would be there is no signal at all. Though from time to time there is a sudden sound and the you can hear it, a sound that sounds like alien signal, to make children’s feel that time is running out and they need to solve the problem as soon as possible or everyone would die. It Causes children’s to panic a little. It stops children’s focusing on one thing at that moment by giving out that sound so it when the sound stops the children’s will be like “right, quick where were we?”. Such as the time where Rani and Clyde found Gavin and chased him to his house (from 2.44 second onward in part 2), where they started talking to him about what is going on then suddenly the trumpet sound was heard. Giving Gavin time to run away as he has no idea on what is going on, but from that information it can be scene in two different ways to the children’s.
 One idea would be the fact that he is scared and think Rani and Clyde are aliens, while idea two would be the fact that he planned it and he is up to something bad (could be accused as a villain but turns out to be false villain). Also from the fact that Clyde wonder about him and along you see quick scene of him riding pass when Rani and Clyde went into town to find him but only end up being trapped by two giant robots. The robots seems like they are after them and want to kill them but truly they just want to scan them to see if they found the right people that they are after. From this information it tells it clearly tells that Rani and Clyde is the Hero’s.  Even though Sarah Jane was only shown in the beginning I personally think that she is the Donor, as she was the one to provide some information in the beginning and has gadgets in her attic for Rani to take with her (the lipstick).  

Moreover this episode follows the Tzvetan Todorov narrative theory but leaving the fifth step for the next episode, making this current episode a cliff hanger. Giving children’s a dying feeling and making them impatient since they have to wait a while for the next episode to know what will happen. Nevertheless this episode used Anachronic, as the beginning they showed clips of the robot so (flash forward) so children’s would know what to expect to see later within the episode.  Children’s can also relate themselves to Rani and Clyde because they are normal school students who wears normal fashionable clothes, do normal things yet the only different between them and normal children’s that they just fight aliens. Clyde is like a typical male that think out of the box, such as in part two he says about him and Rani are the new Adam and Eve, in a serious situation which is not very appropriate. While Rani is a smart girl who portray a typical innocent school girl in front, yet her secret is fighting aliens with Clyde and Sarah Jane.

The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 1
The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 2   

Single Camera Formats-Children's Drama-convention of the genre

An report on the convention of the genre (form (structure/layout) and content) (what's should be involved in the show)

Within an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventure, I have notice that the way the drama started was done using letters that swirled around, like it is being sucked in to a hole, showing that this drama will involve magic, making the genre sic fi like. However I personally think that the opening was done like that to give children the feeling of mystery and adventure, having an excitement or thrill towards the drama. For an example making it more adventure and mysterious like, such as they used a theme tune that sounds similar to the Harry Potter theme tune.  Children will know Harry Potter as it is a very well-known film and the theme tune is so well known that it is like the 20th Century Fox theme tune, (easy to hum to and also it is catchy).

However from the way they started the episode is by showing quick scene of the episode and other episodes to recap the story, giving children’s subjective character identification. For the first 30 second they shown a lot of action to make it look like a lot is happening and a great amount of tension is being created. They ended that part with Clyde saying “always ready”, to start the story. Giving restricted information to grab the children’s attention and hook them up, making them feel that they are with Clyde in the adventure. From that it leads to the opening of the episode. The fact that they used two different fonts for the title of the film, such as how “Sarah Jane” was written in a font that gives out a magical feel towards as it enters in by a beam of light spelling it out, to show that she is the main character within the series. The word “The, Adventure”, are written in a font that is very suitable for script writing and it is also the font that is continue used for the credits, saying who was involved with the production of this drama.

At the start the episode (The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet), they automatically have gone straight into the action, where the characters are in the lab already and they found something that is not quite right (they found alien energy). They slowly build the pace to create tension, such as in the beginning the problem is something small but as it goes on more problems occurs. Creating the atmosphere around that the fact that everyone in the world is gone, is a shocking news and scary. From the way they did it, it will keep children’s hanging as they would be egger to know why it happen and how the problem is solved. As children’s do not have much common sense, the story is kept simple so they would understand it clearly. Such as in a serious situation where they were trying to figure out what is going on and suddenly Clyde says he needs food to think straight. Which are things that children’s can relate to, for example many children’s nowadays have single parents or not allowed to have girls in their room. From that children’s will know how it would feel and get into the series more as the story is not completely fiction. They would know how Gavin will feel and would want to see what happens to him at the end. Since it’s a children’s drama, a happy ending is 100% compulsory. So children’s would not have bad thoughts or having it affects them in anyway. Such as if Gavin had a bad ending, children’s that go through similar to what Gavin does, will have bad thoughts such as there is no hope for them in life. It may even lead them to depression and maybe even suicide.

Nevertheless this also appeals to children’s more as the episode have cool alien technology along with placeless that are simple but have different names such as Clyde used the café as their headquarters. It appeals to children’s that way as children’s have creative minds and always imagine things and play, pretending that they have cool gadgets. Also how children’s tend to have crushes easily, to make this episode a bit cheery they put some scenes that indicates some romance feel towards it. Creating cute sweet scenes, such as when Rani and Clyde found each other and they hugged, along they said that they phoned each other first. It’s sweet since they are not best friends, as within the café they said they have other friends that they use to be with along with the fact that they only met because of Sarah Jane. It also appeals to children as the episode does not drag on much, as each scene something small happens, even though it is small problems it still keeps the audience wanting to know what is going to happen next and maybe even want to see some aliens appear.
Like most children’s drama this episode has a meaning/ messages (morals), such as the fact that nobody is ever alone so children’s should not think that way. Along being nosy is not a good thing, it tends to lead you into something big and you may regret it. This episode also teaches children’s not to steal. Such as when Clyde got food and drinks from the café, he left money on the table to show that he is not stealing the food and that he actually paid for it. Which sends the message that children’s or anyone should not take any advantage of any situation where nobody is around.
The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 1
The Sarah Jane Adventure-The Empty Planet part 2

Sunday, 25 September 2011

PHOTO-Where There Is Tea There Is Hope

When times you are stressed from writing or doing other things. walk away and make yourself a cup of tea... It will calm you down, like the cup said "WHERE this is TEA there is HOPE", there is no problem that cannot be fixed and the fact that you are not alone. Friends are there to help you, playing strong and tough all the time isn't always a good thing....
Sooooo....make yourself a cup of tea and get some biscuits and enjoy a little break from doing work, your mind will be much fresher and you can think straight again afterwards....^-^

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Notes-Communication Skills

 You can use When? Where?Why? How? What? Who? for your presentation, however there is another type of questions you might want to use (shown below in the graph).

Within a presentation the things you should do and don't...

-Speak clearly
-Sign post-so you know what part of the topic your on about
-Give eye contact
-Keep it interesting
-Keep it simple
-Speak loudly
-Move about when appropriate
-Do smile
-Know what your talking about
-Be prepare
-Proof read your work
-Get the audience involved
-Appropriate clothing
-Rehearsal presentation first

-Use alot of animations
-Use necessary colours or images
-Hide behind sheets of paper
-Use inappropriate language e.g slang
-Be drunk or ill before presenting
-Don't trivialise-keep it relevant
-Whole presentation done with mono tone
-Too much hand signal
-Over dramatic/Over emphasise
-Create awkward silence or moments
-Have back to the audience
-Don't be SCARED!

There is plenty more of do and don't but this large amount can pretty much help you alot.So.. wish you luck to those who are doing presentation soon!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Notes-Example of all the terms together

Using one of Tracy Beaker episode as an example...

Code and Convention-
-Easy storyline
-Objective character identification
-Subjective character identification
-Little twist
-More than ONE main character
-Happy Ending
-There a Moral
-Fast intro-show all characters
                -Bright and bubbly
-Up beat music
-Young actors

Tzvetan Todorov-
1-Chilling at breakfast
2-Lol bugs the meeting <-Amber takes tape
3-Amber has the tape
4-Confront the staff, repairs tape,play it
5-Get own back at Amber

Vladimir Propp-
Helper-Justine, Louis

Notes-Terms 2 and Theory

Tzvetan Todorov Narrative Theory-

Todorov believes that they conventional narrative are structured in 5 stages.

Stage 1- A state if equilibrium at the out set. 

Stage 2-A disruption of equilibrium by some action.

Stage 3-A recognition that there has been a disruption.

Stage 4-An attempt to repair the disruptions.

Stage 5-A reinstatement of the equilibrium.

The way this is structured it can be very familiar and it can be easily applied to many mainstream film narratives.

Allan Cameron 4 words/stages

Modular Narrative-Articulate a sense of time as a divisible and subject to manipulation.

Stage 1-Anachronic

Stage 2-Forking Path

Stage 3-Episodic

Stage 4-Split Screen

Anachronic-Where flashbacks or flash forwards are involved where there is no clear dominance between any of the narrative threads. They often repeat the scene different to create tension.

Forking Path-The narratives juxtapose alternative version of a story. showing the different possible 
 outcome from a single small changes in a event or a group event. They tend to contradict each other due to the amount of number of plot line they introduced.

Episodic-organised as either Abstract series or Narratives anthology. 

              Abstract- the narratives have characterized by the operation of an system that is non 
              narrative and tends to be dictate/over lay the organization of the narrative elements.
              Narrative anthology- A bunch of series of short stories that doesn't connect yet share
             a odd similarity.

Split Screen-This narratives are different from others as this one talks about the other narratives.
 As the others narratives  modularity is  more articulated along spatial than temporal lines. Within the film they divide the screen into two or more frames so it juxtapose then event that is going on.

Friday, 16 September 2011


List of words and what they mean...

Diegesis-A world created by the person who directed the film, from experience they encounter.

Story-Tells all event within the story, referenced and explicitly.

Plot-The event that is directly Incorporated in the action or the text, in the order they promoted the film in.


Narrative-A chain of events that happen due to a relationship occurring.

Unrestricted Narration-Meaning there is no limit in how much information a person can present, such as                                            in the news.

Restricted Narration-Limited in how much information they can present regarding the narrative such as
                                    in a film.
Narrative Depth-

Subjective Character Identification- It gives the audience access to see a range of character, seeing what
                                                             they do and like.

Objective Character Identification- It gives the audience access to see the character point of view such as
                                                           seeing what they think or their dreams.

Narrative Theory- Conventional  narrative theory that is seen via the work of an Russian Formalist in the

Valdimir Propps, Theory if Narrative-

From a comprehensive study of some folk-tale he suggested that characters took on roles as an narrative, he calls it "spheres of action".

The Hero-They tend to be males, the person who restores narrative equilibrium (means balance).

Victim Hero-They are people who became the centre attention of the villain.

Hero who aids others/Seeker Hero- They save people that became the villains victim.

False Hero-A person who first seen as good until at the end when it revealed that they are truly bad.

Anti Hero-The villain and the hero are the same person.

The Villain-The who creates the narrative disruption.

False Villain-A person who was thought be bad in the beginning but at the end everyone knows they are a
                      good person.

The Helper-The person who helps the hero in restoring equilibrium

The Donor-The person who gives the hero something or information to help in the resolution of the narrative.

Princess-The victim who is threaten by the villain most and need saving

Father(Often King)-The person who usually sends a hero to save the princess, and at the end give the
                                  princess away as the narrative conclusion.

Dispatcher-The person who sends the hero.

Characters-They can fulfil more than one sphere character type.

Following with the terms that Vladimir Propps.

Using one of  M.I High episode as an example. The one about Mr Blonde does not like teen agent/spy.


Villain-Mr Blonde


Helper-The ninjas,new agent

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Notes-Children Drama

Things to do and know

-Video and edititng
-Code and Convention=What a genre has to stick to e.g horror/action
    -Code=Things you expect to see
    -Covention=Things you expect to happen
-Things to include
-The rules

Code and Convention in a children's Drama

-Hybrid genre, Explosion, bad jokes, wierd animation sometimes, story doesnt very make sense, fantasy, mystery/problems,adventure,funny, either within a group or alone, have power, annoying kids, voice of god sometimes,tend to set in a school or out of the world, lonely child maybe, cheesy,moral within the story,save the world, different unique characters, cliff hangers, can be low budget,happy ending,twist,evil adult...etc etc

Examples of children's Drama's

Tracy Beaker,Thats so Raven,Lizzie Mcguire,Dick and Don, Kenan and Kell, saved by the last bell,Doctor Who, Authur,Prim evil,Sabrina,My Parents Are Aliens,M I High,Hannah Montanna,Queens nose,Grange Hill,Bernards watch,Sarah Jane Adventure,Goosebump,young Dracular,Demon Head Master,Big Kids,Are You Afraid Of The Dark,Drake and Josh,The Worst Witch,Torchwood,Byker Grove,Sparticle Mystery,Leonard,Even Steven,Merlin,Stig Of The Dump,Miami Seven..etc etc

Notes-Textual Analysis

Things to point out when Analysing a video such as M I High

-Camera Angle
-Target Audience
  ( How does the episode stand with today audience?)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Notes- Why E Safety? part2

Examples of Virus protection programs
-Advance system care
-Microsoft Security

Deleting history
-Go to Tool then Internet Option. There you can choose what you want to delete, even cookies.

Child protection website
-Askkid.com <- it filter out all the stuff a child should not go on, so basically a child lock.

3 Reason Why YOU Should Not Download Music?

1- Odd sounds in background- bad qaulity (not worth it)

2-Company makes less profit

3-Virus, also you dont actually  know what your your downloading.

                       Also it is ILLEGAL!!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Notes-Why E Safety?

                                                  Why E Safety?

It is important to know this as you are putting you and others to risk! >.<

-Protecting ourselves from
            -Cyber Bullying
            -Stealing details

-Protecting our computer
             -Trojans (Invaders)

-Social Networking 
            -Google Plus
(All those social network requires internet...)

           -Bus and Train time
           -Illegal downloading
           - Watching videos

And much more so watch out guys! >.<                    

PHOTO-Looking at things in a different way...

Within this world everything can be used as inspiration, however most people do not realise it as they see it to much, causing them to never think of it in a different way....
 Like this photo I took down the beach around 5pm during summer. Some people around this area believe that the beach here is rubbish and nothing special. Though if you spare some time for it you will see its beauty. Making you amazed how nature can be... =)

Time to express myself ^-^

This blog shall be filled with a wide bunch of creative stuff for you to see! =D