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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

CYMK Photoshop CS3 tutorial

To begin, load up Photoshop CS3 and find an image.

When you got your image load it in Photoshop.

Go to: Image-Mode.

Click on CYMK Color.

When you press on CYMK color this box will appear.
Click flatten.

At the bottom where the “Layer” box is, click on “Channels”.

Now there is 5 layers and this is the ultimate outcome of all the layers together, creating these colours.





If you don’t like one of the colour enough, you can always go to: Image, Adjustment, Curves

I chose to use cyan as an example.

This box will appear, drag the blue line around to see what it can do, experiment with it.

Hint: As you can see, in the box the Channel says Cyan. If you did not click on Image,mode, CYMK Color. The Channel would not say any of the CMYK colours!

Playing with Cyan. This is what I done. 
When you come to the outcome that you like it press ok.



Now go on the main one, CYMK and your image will look darker.



You can edit all of the layers, not just one! 
Happy Editing poeple! :)

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