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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Need a job whiles in uni? Help?

Some students tries to get a part time to help them survive during uni. Some say it is easy, some say its hard, I say it depends on luck.
From personal experience, I have spent my summer applying for part time jobs. I have probably applied around 20ish jobs and at the end I finally got a job. It was not easy and it took alot of effort, along it is not the greatest working place as the hours are not steady. So some week I may work for few days solid and some months I do nothing. But heyy its a job right? Can't complain, plus the people I work with are fabulous! :)
However....to those who are still struggling and need a bit of money... why not join Milkround? I have, I am a rep for them, so I make abit of money. But I have still applied for jobs on there from other companies.
It is worth joining, plus there no harm right? What have you got to lose?

Here is the link to milkround to join, it is FREE.

I hope you do join, as it is eyes opening and......plus helping me earn some pennies :') haha...


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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Moved to Leicester Uni!!!

I moved into Opal Court in 28th September. I left early in the morning hoping to get to Leicester in an acceptable time, but the Sat Nav took us to some weird routes! To the point we got lost and my dad end up driving for 5 hours and a half! By the time I moved into my room, my parents left. At that moment, waving goodbye to them I started to cry. I realise I didn’t know how much my parents have done for me until I’m on my own, and I was home sick. But now in general I whole heartily appreciate what they do for me.
When I finally met a flat mate, I was over the moon! This made it thrilling to meet each flatmate.

Though when I got my timetable, I didn’t know where I was going! But luckily most students were the same so everyone help each other, which was wonderful! Along other department lecture’s was friendly to help as well. So if people still unsure about their lecture locations, don’t be afraid to ask around! We’re all in the same boat. If you’re unsure, then there bound to be another person as well!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Hello Bloggers!!!

Im doing race for life in July. During the whole of last year it was horrible for me. Seeing my granddad died from cancer (the cancer spread around his whole entire body), then a friend died from cancer. Then friends friends or family get cancer. It was everywhere for me! I didn't know what to do or what I can do.
But it had made me value more......
From there I have realised that I don't do much and don't haven't really appreciated being alive.
So I thought it was time for to get my ass out and do something meaningful.
So for the first time ever, I will be running!! :O
So please support me in helping to fight the horrible bastard cancer!!
Please sponsor me, I would be extremely grateful and appreciate it!! Every penny counts! All the cancer suffers would be extremely grateful too! As it would give them a higher chance to live and have a new life! >.<

By pressing the  "Race for life, sponsor me" image, it would lead you to my page and my story. Where you can donate to me, along write a message to me and read my story.

Once again PLEASE and Thank you!!! :)

Your Sincerely

P.S-I hope to see you in the race! :)

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Target of the week

-Carry on writing the production Diary.

-Analyse my project so far and work on journal still

-Film some cutaways on Wednesday and maybe some fox pox.

Friday, 26 April 2013

The week target result

- I did get to stick more stuff into journal, but I need to stick few more bits in then highlight them and write about them. Then it would be finished for one FMP idea.

-I manage to get all audio and footage on to my laptop and did listen through.
       -When it comes to editing I will need to take time to edit the sound abit as some parts are too windy.

-I still need to create a intro with cutaways and find time to go to certain location to get more cutaways, then start to plan which interview/questions to be shown first.

More work to do still! Busy! Busy! Busy! :(

Monday, 22 April 2013

Target for the week!


-Get atleast one FMP idea research finish within journal.
-Go through footage and see how the sound is.
-Go through footage and see how it is, then plan out which order it should be in. From there figure out locations to film more cutaways.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

FMP Production Diary-Part 3

20th March 2013

20th March 2013 I finish the remaining part of the pre production. Which is the Legal ethics part and schedule planning.
During the whole process of doing pre production I still carry on with my other idea research for my journal. Such as still doing research and emailing people.

Moreover...when I was about to do the production schedule the Fareham Council email me back.
Which this prevented me in doing the production schedule.

I was surprised the council emailed me back with possible filming. 

FMP Production Diary-Part 2

19th March 2013

Reading through what I have done so far in pre-production, I know what I need to do next.
Which is-
-Risk assessment
-Written down the name and place of each accommodation
-Target audience

Nearly finish with pre-production.
Writing down the names of my interviewee's and their Uni, is helpful as it helps me work out who I will be filming first and which location first will be most convenient. Such as Bournemouth Uni student's, I have one student who is in ACUB, which is next door to the Bournemouth Uni building. So filming the Bournemouth Uni student bunch first then the AUCB student will be easier. Since the Bournemouth Uni student's all live together (same dorm).

FMP Production Diary-Part 1

18th March 2013

3 FMP idea-
1-Type of Uni accommodation, which one suits best for first years.
2-Litter picker
3-Life in a Takeaway

Chosen the idea Type of Uni accommodation, which one suits best for first years. As I have a variety of people to interview from, from all type of accommodation. Also from a variety of Uni, from Bournemouth-Portsmouth-Southampton etc.
Easy choice and filming location would be easy. Along cutaways will be around the accommodation. Along the interviewee's are friends and their house/flat mates.

Started pre-production.
I have done the-
-Mood boards
- Questions to ask
-Piece the story together

Written within the first production journal.
I thought i'll start with this part of pre-production first so I would know what I'm aiming at clearly and how much it would cost me to do so. It was full on brainstorming as I had to try to imagine how it would work and what will make it runs smoothly. Along if i can achieve it.

Busy Busy Busy!!!