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Monday, 28 November 2011

Discussing an interview -Gerard Butler the phantom of the opera interview

In this interview it talks about Gerard Butler and his point of view on the The Phantom Of The Opera. Such as what he thinks of the characters,the cast member and the actual characters. Along the way the musical is filmed.

People know Gerard Butler is not a singer, he is simply an actor. So it surprised alot of people and himself, as to get this role he had to audition in front of Andrew Lloyd Webber (in 1.52-2.07 Gerard Butler talks about it). For anyone it would be very nerve racking as well, as its Andrew Lloyd Webber! I personally think Gerard Butler was chosen to play the role of the Phantom as he has that look,Gerard once acted as Dracula before which is quite similar to the phantom. Though his voice is low but smoothing, very mystery like which suits the Phantom as well. It also tells the audience that you don't exactly have to be a singer to audition in a musical.

This interviewer allowed Gerard Butler to express his feelings about the film in details.How he understand the story well, as he knew the story well he can pity the phantom. While some people who does not know the story well will just think the Phantom is pure evil.
However the interviewer made this interview good as she did background research on Gerard Butler and The Phantom Of The Opera as she gave her own opinions. Such as in 6.14 she talks about the Phantom mask, how Gerard is too good looking to cover up his face.
Also from that it allows her to ask reasonable questions and questions that the audience would have asked. Such as which part of the film is Gerard favourite, opinion on the crew, the kiss scene with Emmy etc. In the interview she did not make it tense or uncomfortable for Gerard or pressure him in saying stuff he does not want to, instead it was friendly as she laughed in some parts to show she is interested in what Gerard is saying. Along she must of kept good eye contact as within the interview Gerard did not once look into the camera and the way his eyes was, it seem like he is looking directly to the interviewer. There were few compliments she said that kept Gerard happy so he would answer her questions without problems and she made him look good in the interview. For example in 6.14 where she compliment his looks and how it was a pity he had to hide his face behind a mask. It allowed him to explain how he enjoyed being completely dressed up to play the role as there is more challenge towards it and different, since in other films you see his face completely. 
The angle of the shot is good, as one side it is Gerard Butler while the other side is the poster of the musical and no shot of the interviewer so its completely focused on Gerard Butler.
 A mid shot, so the audience can see Gerard body language clearly as well and he seem fairly relax within the interview. Especially in 7.42 where she ask Gerard about the kissing scene with Emmy Rossum. His body language showed that he found that scene awkward/embarrassing but proud of it, as it is a powerful scene. Reason it may be awkward is that he was 35 and Emmy was only 18 when they filmed. Though the interviewer really nailed him, leaving him with lost for words and trying not to say wrong things. As then the film was not released yet so what happens within the film he has to keep quite until its released. However in this part of the interview, must of been tense for Gerard Butler fans as they would either know and want to know how it was or shocked and want to know more. Gerard manage to express it in details on how it was and the situation of it, how they did so many retake on it. It made him sound professional, as he mention how they try to kiss for ages, showing that they don't mind it as they are professional and it is simply only acting. 

Though the bad points about this interview is that the interviewer is not very organised in the beginning. Gerard Butler had to wait for her and she even said she was sorry for the flathing around.
Though it did not help when a person walks pass in front of the camera in 0.09, however it shows it was rushed and time limited interview. I personally think this interview was done during a filming break or just before filming. Due to the location, the poster and the chair. Along at the end of the interview she rushed it, by constantly saying thank you. It made it sound like she wanted to get this interview and done with so she can do the next interview, which maybe with Emmy Rossum. Also in 1.56 where the interviewer said "And sing one of his amazing song", the way she said it sounded flat. It showed a bit of lack of interest or know little about Andrew Lloyd Webber, such as only know the basic about him and his works.

Overall the interviewer got information about what people would want to know and left Gerard leaving happy at the end. Which in total it shows it is a good interview, as there was no unnecessary question was asked and all. But simply left the audience excited for when it comes out.

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