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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jobs in the Media Sector-Voice-Over/Actor

For this assignment I have chosen the role of:
-Prop Maker
-Voice actor

Voice Actor
Job profile:
The job of a voice over actors or actress needs to be able to read scripts. Such as for films, commercials, narrate audio books, phone system hold messages and many other jobs.
Job description:
This job is hard to get into as there are millions of professional skilled voice actors and actress. Within this job they are expected to do a variety kind of voice for different situations such as for a animation to documentary. Bringing the characters to life and having a strong confidence voice that create a variety of tones. 
The responsibility for a voice actor and actress is to be able to turn up on time and follow script direction. Such as listening to little changes or changes that the director have said to listen to subtle changes. Along being able to analyses the scripts that they got given so they can figure out how to say the script and bring the character to life.
It is important for a voice actor and actress to know the difference in microphones, such as how they can affect different particular tone of your voice.
Skills needed:
To be able to produce a variety of tones and analyses scripts. Along  being able to say scripts out loud and can speak dialects, as it would be useful and it would work as a bonus. Nevertheless, also being capable of listening to changes that are made to the script or you will slight chance in losing your job.
Getting this job:
Some people get this job by knowing people or through doing a degree within university. Also doing some performing, to understand the character or get into the character more.
However some people seek professional training, gaining a professional coach to help them with their voice and produce a demo album to send to companies.
It is different for everyone, it depends on the job. Such as recording for one thing, you can earn from $200 to  $1000. Though the more well known you are the more you will get paid, such as Robbin Williams.
Though The Simpson characters, for each episode they do they get 400K
Code of practice:
The code of practice according to the BBC-
-"9.1 The BBC will conduct all negotiations with independent producers in a timely and professional manner and will expect the independent producer to do the same." Manners are important in order to work together.
-"12.1 The BBC is an equal opportunity employer and seeks to ensure that all the independent producers we work with take seriously their responsibilities with regard to Equal Opportunities and in addition Health and Safety during the course of commissions. The BBC therefore requires that all independent producers comply with all current anti-discrimination legislation, and Health and Safety legislation and the respective Codes of Practice related to such legislation. The BBC may request a written statement of the independent producers own equal opportunities and Health and Safety policies and relevant details of how the policy is implemented in practice." Discrimination is forbidden. 
-"9.5 Where applicable, the BBC will pay the agreed staged payment contribution in accordance with the contract terms within 10 working days of receipt of a compliant invoice from the independent producer." Do not demand for your money straight away.

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