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Friday, 12 October 2012

Music Video Research-Michael Jackson-Thriller

Michael Jackson Thriller
This music video starts off as a film, where a couple are having a romantic moment. Until they have a full moon shot, the male (Michael Jackson) turns into a werewolf. The girl screams and try’s to run away but at the end Michael Jackson catches her, though before the audience get to see her being eaten the audience in the cinema screams. This leads to reality where Michael Jackson and the girl are on a date. She leaves the cinema as she was scared, Michael Jackson follows her and try’s to cheer her up. When they start to walk home he starts singing and dance around in order to make her laugh but at the same time he tries to scare her.
In the scene 5.10 they walk pass a graveyard, which is relevant as the zombie’s starts to come out. The zombie slowly ends up where Michael Jackson and the girl is, the zombies circle them in the scene 6.42.  This shows that they have no escape route which builds up the tension on what is going to happen next. Which is Michael Jackson turns into a zombie himself and from there it breaks into a dance. The dance that starts at 7.13 which is now an iconic dance that even this day people still remember it and this song is still played at clubs. Along in films, for example 13 Going On 30, within that film they danced the Thriller and this film came out in 2004.
However during the dance the girl runs away, she runs into an old abandon building. After the dance the zombies goes to that house but at that moment the music goes back to being mysterious, in order to build up the attention. As the audience does not know what happen next, as she may ends up like the girl in the film or survives.  
When the zombie gets to her and Michael Jackson about to touch her, she screams her lungs out. At that moment it goes back to the real world, the audience would know this as the location changes into a normal clean, warm house. As she screams Michael Jackson in his normal form touches her to see if she’s ok, she is relieved that it is only a dream. Though when Michael Jackson takes her home he looks into the camera and his eyes glows, which leaves a mystery for the audience as in if what happen in her dreams is about to come true or not.
To match the lyrics I believe they choose to use a horror film in the beginning to start off the mood to scare the audience. As they would not expect it to humours, such as for example when they break into the dance with a serious/straight face, it is generally unexpected.
It is said that Michael Jackson- Thriller has changed the way the MTV music video work, as this music video is the first music video with a short film in the beginning. Along it was only being played during the watershed, due to the zombies and werewolf may scare young children’s. for example the scene in 8.14, where the blood or something is coming out of the zombies mouth, it may produce nightmares for young childrens.
Though it is a really successful music video, it is the first single to be released worldwide. It came in 1982; it came out in a album and seven types of singles. Even to this day it still popular, such as in 2006 this music video has been listed in the Guinness World Record, as the “most successful music video”, which shows how powerful this music video is and how it manage to stay in peoples mind. Which shows all the effort has paid off since back then it is known to be the most expensive music video released at the time. As it cost around $500,000.
On YouTube this music video has gained 120,255,577 views, 160,259 likes and 4,624 dislikes. On YouTube statics it says that this music video is most popular among males within their 30’s+ and young females, around the age of 13-17. I personally think that it popular among older men’s due to the fact that this music video has been out for over 28 years, so this music video must have been out during their teenage years.  But as for the dislikes, it may be due to the people who dislike Michael Jackson, as the person in whole. For example there have been countless rumours that Michael Jackson is a paedophile and the fact that he had a song called “Black and White”. A song which gives out a meaning saying it does not matter whether your black or white, yet he went and got plastic surgery in order to become a white person.  Also the situation he had with one of his son, nicknamed ‘blanket’, Michael Jackson ‘hang’ blanket out in the balcony for people to see. It sent our several kinds of messages to the public.
Nevetheless on YouTube a YouTuber said “the greatest artist ever”, written by TheKingMJ7 and another person said “OH GOD I MISS THE KING OF MUSIC SO MUCH MJ 4ever <3”, by izzyxd117. From these two comments is shows that people love Michael Jackson music video and music as it is different from other popular artist, such as it does not require boobs out and ass out in order to gain views and likes. However overall everyone is intituled to their own opinion about Michael Jackson.
This song can be brought in few albums, such as the Thriller album and Michael Jackson Greatest Hit. Along in seven different kind of singles, or a downloadable version on Amazon but it will only be that song.  

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