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Thursday, 17 May 2012

EPK(Press Pack project)-Proposal

Creating a press pack for the thriller that we created.

Choice-Video Trailer
            -DVD Cover Design

Our thriller is about a business guy who goes into a coma and his conscious haunts him. The people that he knows in reality, such as a woman he saw and left to die and his personal assistant. These people within his dream try’s to kill him, however the audience does not know if he actually comes out of the coma at the end or if he actually dies within his dream. As in reality the woman appears and strangles him, though she is a ghost, is she actually capable in touching him? It leaves the audience guessing and allows them to think of their own ending of the film.  In the thriller the audience does not see any gory scenes, just some blood. This is to fit in with our target audience, 12A.
I have personally chosen to do a DVD Cover Design. The reason is that, a poster is commonly seen a lot and once it’s been displayed it goes away in a short period of time. While a DVD will linger around shops for an extremely long period of time, which gives it an advantage as it can catch a variety of audience attention. Nevertheless the audience would be happier as if they like it they can watch it again for free or if they dislike it they can always resell it. This is also good for us as our film will be advertised elsewhere for free and produce us another variety of audience. Moreover within a DVD it is common to get special features. The audience enjoys it a lot, especially the outtakes. This makes it a bonus for us. As if some clip grabbed the audience attention well, they would mention it to their friends or other people. Meaning that our film will be spoken and it can get people to be interested in it and they might buy it. Once again more free advertisement but through socialising form.
Therefore however the DVD cover looks, it is important and it must grab the audience attention. This way we should pay extra attention to it when making it.
Furthermore a trailer, one of the most important type advertisements as it gets out film out. Trailers can easily attract a variety of audience as trailers are seen within the TV, YouTube or other media plays and cinemas. From this it gathers more advertisement as people will talk about it and ask their fellow friends or other half’s to see it with them. Also it is an advantage for us as weather it is on TV or in the cinema, as the audience does not have a choice in watching it or not. They may judge the film by its name or by its poster, but once they watch the trailer their opinion may change. Or one part of the trailer may stick in their mind and they talk about it to other, making others check our trailer out too. Therefore it is useful to create a trailer for our thriller.            

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