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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Music Video research-Boyce Avenue featuring Kina Grannis-Fast car

Boyce Avenue featuring Kina Grannis-Fast Car
This music video shows the 2 people singing (Alejandro Manzano and Kina Grannis) and a person on percussion, in everyday normal clothing. The location is a studio with the microphone set up for recording.
There is no story or featuring other people within this music video. It is purely focusing on the singing, to show the passion. Each time a person sings the camera focus on them only and blurs the other person out. Also the audience will see the occasional extreme close up shots of a guitar. Example in the shot 1.18 you can see that Alejandro Mazano is in full focus while Kina Grannis is not.
While at the end of the song they did a credit and advertising, since Boyce Avenue is a self promoting band and Kina Grannis is signed with another company. Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis, both write and create their own songs along their own music videos.
I personally think they did this to make people appreciate this all time classic beautiful song. As the song was originally sung and written by Tracy Chapman, Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis made a acoustic version of it. Tracy Chapman Fast Car was written back in 1988, it was a hit. It was number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.  She first sung Fast Car at Nelson Mandela 70tb Birthday Tribute concert in 1988, June 11. Tracy Chapman is still singing today, her newest album is called “Our Bright Future”, it was released in November the 11 in 2008 and now she is touring. According to her website it says that in every concert she will sing Fast Car. Due to the fact that it is her most famous song and millions of fans have said that they can relate to it and how it inspires them.
Such as Boyce Avenue and Kina Grannis, they remade an acoustic version of it. On YouTube it gained 12,944,606 views, 68,509 likes and 441 dislike. I personally think the reason of the 441 dislikes is that, those people may prefer the original only and believe that the original is always the best.  Also this is a duet acoustic version, while Tracy Chapman sung this song alone.
However within the 68,509 likes, xHeartProdigyx said “Im trying not to listen to this every 10 minutes so I don’t get sick of it”, this comment on YouTube gained 57 likes. This shows that people don’t mind what the music video is like as long as the song is good and so is the quality. Another YouTuber, 7722h said “you guys make the songs so much more special ! ur voices are just soothing I LOVE YOUUUU <3”, once again it shows that people are appreciating the song mainly and doesn’t mind about the way the music video is. It also shows that even to this day people still remember this song and like it. Along how they can relate to it. 
Boyce Avenue, featuring Kina Grannis in Fast Car can be purchased on itune and their CD. Or you can simply go see them both live in Los Angeles currently. For the Tracy Chapman version, you can purchase her CD or see her in one of her concerts and she will guarantee to sing it.

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