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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Regulatory Issues-Taste and decency

Taste and decency is referring to the fact that TV should not broadcast anything that may cause an offence in anyway. Such as offending disable people, age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation.
For example South Park, it makes fun of all kind of people in all possible way that is possible, yet they still get away with it. For example a while ago South Park was going to do about Tom Cruise being in the closet, but their lawyer told them that Tom Cruise can sue them for defamation. In order to get away with it, the creator of South Park did an animation of Tom Cruise in the closet, refusing to come out. Interpreting that Tom Cruise is gay.
Another situation that offended the public in general was the fact that South Park made fun of ginger people. This caused a large hate and bullying to ginger people. However a ginger kid made a YouTube video about him being ginger and how South Park hurts his feeling. Along people don’t know him therefore they should not judge him. It gained over 1000 views which made South Park reply to it, by making an animation version.   
The people who watch South Park will get still the reference. Even though this program is offensive people still enjoy it and have a large fan group, especially appealing to the younger generation such as around the age 18.  
But due to the fact that people have the freedom of speech, this made South Park gets away with it. Along with the fact that it has a large audience so it is making a lot of money. The good thing about South Park is that it makes people laugh and manages to make fun of people in a smart twisted way. In the style where the audience can easily figure out what they trying to say or where they got the reference from.
However the bad side about South Park is that it offends people and may encourage people to do bad things. As they see it on TV and see’s it that it’s fine and they can get away with it when they truly don’t in real life.
Overall within a program there is always something to offend someone, there is never a perfect program. Along nowadays, people sense of humor has changed.

-Made the kid famous
-Knows boundaries by not pushing it even more

-Emotionally hurt that kid
-Made the kid known world wide
-Made fun of him in public

In my opinion South Park should be not be allowed to be shown as it teaches kids to behave badly. For example if they copy a scene from a episode they will find it funny and so will their friends. Since they know where their friend got the reference from, but the victim will not find it funny and it may mentally scar them from life. Such as losing confidence or be scared for a period of time, which may prevent them from doing something. Such as this episode where it makes fun of gingers, gingers kids in school will get bullied for it. It can get out of hand, to the point where they may self harm or have depression and hate themselves for being born ginger.
From this action from Family guy, the consequences could be that child would have been emotionally hurt and may consider suicide. Or he could take action and sue Family guy. Which in my opinion, it is better than him trying to kill himself.


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