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Sunday, 6 May 2012

How to print screen

A step by step guide in how to screen print, including tips!

Before printing, you will need to have a large space to work in.

-When you got you area, you should wear a apron and move away any food or drink that you may have.
-Following that, layout some newspapers so when you print, you would not get any medium (paint) onto your table or other surface.
- Now get your screen board and your mesh. If your using film positive, your film positive image should be exposed on to the mesh and you cleaned it, so it's ready to be use. If your using stencil, stick your stencil on the side of the mesh that you putting the medium on.Use masking tape to stick the stencil on.
-Making sure the wood/metal side of the mesh is facing you (the mesh sides can be made out of wood or metal or other materials).
-Now gather all the equipment you need (all the equipment you need is written on another post, under the same section "Printing").
-Right, now pick the kind of paper you want to use, to print. Then lay it out underneath the mesh, where the stencil/film positive print is.
-Now use a pallet knife to scoop some medium out, the colour you want and spread it out in a line,under the stencil/film positive image (still the same side of the mesh, the wood/metal facing you).
-Now put the squeegee where the medium is, use two hands and push the squeegee forward, push firmly.
-Don't push the medium right to the edge of the mesh! When you push forward and got pass your stencil/film positive, give the squeegee a little tuck, so most medium gets off the squeegee and stays on the mesh.
-That coat would be your first coating, it is best to have 2 coating, just in case you missed abit without knowing. The second coating would be from the top of the stencil/film positive, to the bottom. Use the same method to get most medium off the squeegee.
- Since your print is printed, get your pallet knife and scrape off any remaining medium off the mesh and the squeegee. THAT'S if, if you no longer want to print of want to use another colour, if you plan to use another colour, it is best to wash the mesh first.
-If you want to continue printing then, put the squeegee on the table. Life the mesh up carefully.
-Then using one hand to hold the mesh up and the other hand pealing the paper off the mesh.
-When you got your image out, use a small tub or something to hold the mesh up slightly. This is to prevent the mesh from touching the newspaper. As if the mesh touches the newspaper, some remaining medium will get on the paper. So when you come to do your following print, the back of your paper will have medium on it or if your printing a t shirt, you'll have some spots of medium at the back of your t shirt, which will ruin your print.
-Now when your done, use warm tape water to wash the mesh and other equipments, before the medium dries. As it would extremely hard to wash the medium off when it dries and it may ruin the mesh.

Happy Printing people!! :)

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