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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Music Video Research-Christina Aguilera-Bound To You

Christina Aguilera-Bound To You
In this music video, the first few scenes show’s Christina getting intimate with a guy. From there the music starts and blurs into the time where she’s back to the stage where she sung Bound To You. While she sings the song, Christina manages to express a lot of emotions, enough that even the audience can feel it. For example in 3.59, where she is belting out the word “fall”, the power of her strong voice can make the audience feel it, her pain of being scared of her relationship falling apart.
There are two types of scenes within this music video,  the reason for that is that the scenes separates from pass and present. Such as in the scene 2.04 it shows Christina on the stage singing, which represent the current. While the scenes of her with the guy, is the pass. To know this, the song lyrics tell the story, for example around 3.07 the lyrics are “And I embrace myself, please don't tear this apart, I found a man I can trust and boy, I believe in us I am terrified to love for the first time”, the scene at 3.07 shows the audience that Christina is getting close with a guy and chatting away with few drinks. This tells the audience that they are flirting and it is leading to the start of their relationship.
In the beginning where Christina is getting intimate with the guy, the start of the song is orchestral music; I personally think the scene matches it due to the fact that the music is emotional and fit the mood. While if a happy beaty song is played at that moment, it would not seem right nor would it fit in with the mood. As that scene leads on too them doing the deed, which can be seen in the scene in 1.15-1.35 where they practically are lying naked on the bed. From there it cross fade to a close up shot of her face, to show it is back to reality, which is on the stage. You can tell she is on the stage by the camera angle in 2.04 and 2.54, the over head shot, which makes her the dominate one within the scene. I believe this is done to make her stand out more and it is all about her right now. Such as in the end (4.45), the stage lighting made her into a silhouette. Which her body language tells the audience that she is committed to her relationship and she just expressed all her feelings out, along it made her body figure stand out.
On YouTube it has gained 167,181 views, 1,287 likes and 17 dislikes. From the comments on YouTube I believe most of these views are from Christina Aguilera fans. Such as from dtheriault51, they said “say what you will, but the girl has got some pipes!, and another YouTuber said “OMG THAT WAS SOOOOO GOOD!! I was like “girl you sing it”. At the end I as clapping in my mind ( its really late and parental units….) so much and then to hear the audience clapping,and there’s like five people clapping, was soo mean. I mean she busted her hump singing for you at least qivers her a standing O?!! I was like “NO SHE DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT!”. But anyway she was beautiful and amazing as always and I hope to someday be as great as her (impossible I know) but check my channel”, by Lauren Brown. This comment gained 4 likes.  From these two comments it shows people are more interested in her voice than the actual video itself. Along her body language is important within this song, as her body language can express more emotions as well when she is singing. It also shows that some people enjoys her singing so much that they don’t actually care about some scenes, such as for example the scenes where Christina is getting intimate with the guy.  
However the 17 dislike may be due to the reason that they have intimate scene and close to naked scene, which is not censored. Parents may dislike their children’s watching it as there are chances it may encourage their children’s to do it.  
Overall the music video produces and expresses strong feelings about love. Many females may be able to relate to this song due to the fact that some may have had bad relationship and are scared to fall in love again. When they get close to another guy, they be scared in the same thing may happen again or similar and not sure in whether to risk being in a relationship again or not. Along this song is written by Christina Aguilera, Samuel Dixon and Sia Furler, which can mean that these lyrics and feelings can be based or true story. Such as recently Christina Aguilera got a divorce, this song may represent her once love life.
This song can be brought alone on Amazon, which will be digital download copy or on a CD. The CD is known as Burlesque as the song Bound To You is from the film that Christina Aguilera stars in. Which can also be brought on Amazon or HMV. This song cannot be brought in another Christina album.   

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