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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Opening Ceremony

The U.K Olympic opening ceremony is not as top secret compare to the Beijing Olympic. However the U.K plan to show the world Danny Boyle and his team. Along showing the culture of the host city and of course the U.K.

It was said that each nation will enter in alphabetical order and at the end when they are all in, Seb Coe (Chairman of OCOG) and Jacques Rogge will give out a speech. to welcome everyone to the Olympic game, to end the speech they would introduce the Head of Sate to declare that the Olympic game will officially start now. Later on it leads to the Oath where people will give a oath that they will compete and judge the show fairly, following the Olympic rules. Following by the lighting of the cauldron, where the flame will burn for 24 7 until the end of the event.

As for the Paralympic it is said that Brad;ey Hemmings and Jenny Sealey are the the artistic Directors of the  2012 Paralympic opening ceremony. While Sir Philip Craven and Seb Coe (Chairman of OCOG), will give out a speech to declare the Paralympic event to start and where the cauldron would be lit up. However the
event would be very similar to the Olympic opening Ceremony, having the same main features.

Due to the reaction the Beijing Olympic opening ceremoney gain, the U.K wants shock the audience even more. Creating pressure for themself, however it would be a interesting opening ceremony, to see what they done and how they done it.

By having well known famous people to take part such as Stephan Daldry. Along celebrating the Birtish culture and showing what they have to offer, showing it with great pride.

To find out more about the people who will be taking part, you can look at the Olympic blog-
It shows the kind of music that would be played within the open ceremony. Along with other information about the Olympic.

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