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Friday, 18 November 2011

Moral within a film-Sex And The City 2

Directed by-Michael Patrick King

Staring- Sarah Jessica Parker
- Kim Cattrall
-Kristin Davis
-Cynthia Nixon

I was dragged to watch this with my sister, I never watched any of the series. However I did not find it that bad, it was quite interesting to be honest. How these 4 woman cope with their marriage life (part from one).
It kinda is based on reality as these girl are girls with a good job or simply wealthy, all can afford designer clothings. I haven't seen Sex And The City 1 but from the way it is you don't need to know the story for the first one to know the story for this one.
The story started off where everyone is in a glamorous gay wedding, where the characters are introduced. Showing what their lives are like and how dedicated they are to their relationship. From this it shows the audience that everyone marriage and committment is different, therefore they should not worried as long as both partner are happy.
Samantha Jones, the one that remain unmarried and keeps flirting, her job manage to land her and her friends to a trip to Abu Dhabi, free off charge. They stayed in a luxury hotel where they simply had the best out of the best. However due to Abu Dhabi is not a open country, Samantha had problems trying to cover herself up and keeping young AND still try to flirt with guys(which caused problems).
While the others had time off from their marriage life or try to cope. Within the film it shows how these females cope with their marriage life and times with their friends, how they had their ups and downs. The girls express themselves more and communicate/understand their other half more thanks to the trip. Such as Charlotte, she a house wife, she found it hard in Abu Dhabi as she feared her nanny would have an affair with her husband. So it made her seem like she glue on to her family, while on the other hand Carrie and her husband decided to have time off from each other to keep the sparks. But at the end Charlotte found out her nanny is lesbian and she needed time alone as she was too stressed out, as for Carrie her husband understood her more and their relationship deepen. As he saw how honest and committed she was towards him, Carrie saw her ex in Abu Dhabi and went out for dinner with him but end up kissing him. She had the choice of not telling him but she choose too as she does not want to hide anything from her husband.
As for Miranda she quitted her job as a lawyer as she found out the company she works for does not care for her and she barely had time to spend with her family. In the trip to Abu Dhabi she found herself, how she can be a fun person and have fun at work with a new career.
It was interesting to see how Samantha lust for men's caused so much trouble. How in Abu Dhabi she met this guy and nearly had sex with him on the beach but end up being caught. Causing her to lose business with the hotel manager and how she and her friends had to leave Abu Dhabi as soon as possible as her fling caused her to loose their stay in the hotel, which they could not afford. But at the end she met the guy again in a different place and they had sex, hopefully he is the one for her.
Along how they found out that not everyone in Abu Dhabi are the same, as when Samantha dropped her condoms in public the crowd was furious. Thanks to a bunch of girls who lead them to a different place to keep safe, they show them that even though they are cover up they still love New York fashion and is up to date with it.
Also this film shows great friendship, such as how Samantha would not ditch her friends in a girls night for a man, how Carrie knew what shoes Charlotte was wearing when they where cover up and got lost or simply how Miranda knew everyone size and style in clothing when they went out for riding.
Overall loving what you wear is a not a crime and in this film it shows you that communication and marriage is not something simple, it is a big deal so people should not take it lightly...

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