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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Presentation slide show- for Children's Drama

When we did our Children's drama project we had to create a presentation about it. Here what we did-

Slide 1-The Name of our program and the title of the episode.

Slide 2-The original idea's that we also had before we fully choose which one we would use.

Slide 3- Our episode story.

Slide 4- How our story follows Todorov.

Slide 5- About our characters and how they fit in with Vladimir.

Slide 6- The celebrity that can represent our characters.

Slide 7- We came up with alot of name ideas.

Slide 8-The places that we plan to film our Children drama.

Slide 9- The age we're aiming our Children drama too.

Slide 10- Code and Convention.

Slide 11-The equipment that we would be using.

Slide 12- Any question or any bad and good points to say?

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