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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

BBC news report style- on about the MTV Music award

We had to work in a group, 2 people being the witness, 1 reporter, 2 researcher. 
A quick simple report done within less than 30min.
Link to the website for the article that was used-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-156147144

At the MTV Award in Odyssey Arena where Coldplay performed first to create a great start to the show. Selena Gomez was the host for the night, she however challenged Lady GaGa in her ability to change outfits. While other stars created a dramatic entrance.
Lady GaGa was dorminate in the MTV award where she gain 4 prizes in different outfits! Wow!
Winning for best song, best video, best female, biggest fan. Such as an oversized silver dress with satellite dish as a hat. She was overwhelmed by the trophie. Though David Hasselholf had problems giving her the award! He could not find her hands within her outfit!
Nevertheless the other stars won awards, some even won 2 awards! Like Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. Lets not forget, the Queen, they won for the global icon award.
And overall they did a tribute to Amy Winehouse, where Jessie J got emotional.
 But let see what our reporter has found out from other stars!

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