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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Olympic job help

Students were offer a job to help out the Olympic event, such as Fareham College. A notice was passed around the college, giving everyone a opportunity to take part. The students had a choice if they wanted to do it or not. However the Olympic requested students to be 18 or be 18 by July, due to legal reasons.

Here is what one of the student who did the interview said-

Shahnewaz Choudhury (Bappi)

"The Olympic interview started off by filling out a few forms of our education, future aspirations and plans and various other information you will find in an application. In the next stage after they checked you have the right documents and information they had individual interviews. My interview went fairly well in my opinion. The interview started off by them checking your information and again and seeing your availability to work. They then asked you a few questions on what your future aspirations are and what working for the Olympics mean to you. Towards the end they would do a sight test as well as a smell test, asking you to identify 2 different smells."

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