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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Clock Broke

Back in 15the March 2011 Metro, they had an article about the Olympic count down clock being broken.

In some ways it is humiliating like, due to the fact that the count down clock broken down and stopped the count down. It stopped working just after hours putting it up. The clock was developed by Omega, they said the clock was tested before it putting it up. The clock is in Trafalgar Square, one of the most busy location.

In my opinion, I think they where desperate to put it up to show people that they are eager about this event and get more tourist attraction. By putting this clock there early, is to allow people to go and see it and take picture with it, making it memorable. For that reason they would know for sure that, that place would get more attraction.

Though according to London Evening Standards they mention about people not being able to buy their tickets due to the clock. From that it can tell us that the count down clock also opens the account for tickets to be sold. As many people could not buy their ticket with their card at that time. Another problem is that it would not also accept any Visa card that would be expire before 31st July or actually on the day. It caused alot problem for people as they may not get their seats, but also having to wait 2 weeks for the problem to be solved. At the end they made a solution where people could simply go to Lloyds TSB and fill in a form and pay their, either by card, cheque, cash.

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