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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

PHOTO-Judging its cover

Most people believe a rose means love. However have you thought about it in a different way? How it can also represent something?
Such as different colour roses have different meanings or how many rose you receive from someone also has different meanings...

Roses can look graceful, though at the same time it can give out a mysterious feel towards it. Like does it portray happiness or darkness? It works both ways... its pretty sad to be quite honest, how a rose can represent love and death. It such a beautiful flower yet it has pricks. Showing that love can be amazing yet you will have your bad times and times where it may not last. As at the end a rose is only a flower, it will eventually reach the time where they will wither.

Within films, roses are given to girls to make them happy when they are on a date or something, showing romance and happiness. Yet in the Phantom Of The Opera, the phantom gives roses to Christine Daae to show his affection. However it did not send her happiness instead it sends her fear and uneasiness...

They say a painting worth a thousand word, i wonder how much a rose

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