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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Notes-Type of Reviews and what you should do and don't do.

Type of Reviews-
     -App Store
-On the product (always positive)
-Newspaper(Express, The Mails and the Times are mainly politician)
             -The Sun-for wide audience
             -The mails
             -The News
          -Game magazine
-Internet(all personal, where everyone can write and review)

-Have good points and bad points (not basis)
-Make sure you keep on topic
-Describe in details what you are talking about
-Express own opinion
-Target audience
-Use appropriate language
-Proof read your work

-Insult the people you are reviewing
-Don't sensationalise
-Don't go off subject
-Don't repeat what you said already
-Don't "I think" make it too personal
-Don't be too manipulative (hidden agenda)

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