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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Discussing an interview clip-Living With Michael Jackson, The Martin Bashir part 5

within this clip it talks about the issue that Michael Jackson went through in his life and how he face the problem, along with the reaction he gained from people.

The reporter did not seem like he cared about Michael Jackson feeling as he pushed on questions, knowing that Michael Jackson was not keen on talking about it. Such as the part where he asked "What did your father say say" at 1.00, talking about the way Michael Jackson use to look.
Michael Jackson looked very uncomfortable talking about it but he still said something, hoping it would satisfied Martin but it did not. Instead Martin pushed on and made Michael Jackson say how he felt and what his father said to him, bringing back bad memory for Michael Jackson and making him all emotional.

For a interviewer, it is important to do background research on your interviewees (example, Martin knows Michael Jackson dad said that Michael Jackson has a big nose),and it takes skills to get the information you want out of your interviewees by using different tactics but there should be boundaries.
 The way Martin Bashir was talking to Michael Jackson it was very monotone, where it show no interest or any other emotion towards what Michael Jackson was saying. Martin Bashir seemed more like a therapist then a interviewer, by the question he asked. The questions he asked are quite personal and emotional however it is what the audience want to know but it seem very detailed, along with the fact that Martin Bashir does not really believe what Michael Jackson is saying. The way he says things to towards Michael Jackson made it seem like Michael Jackson is wrong all the time.

In part 3.24 they are talking about how Michael Jackson looks, from black to white. Michael Jackson said to Martin that he should ask god about the way he looks as it has nothing to do with him, Martin quite snapply said back "What you mean it got nothing to do with you?". It's quite rude the way he said back and lack respect, by the fact that Michael Jackson said ask god it shows that he is religious. In Christianity, god has a plan for everyone so therefore the way Michael Jackson appearance is not in his own control, its god control.. In some ways it also seem very argumentative and Michael Jackson replied back in 3.47 with the fact that white people goes out in the sun to look black and trying to be what others are. Along with the fact that sun tan lotion is a billionaire business, why isn't anyone saying anything about it. At that moment i would say that Martin was shocked by the expression Michael Jackson gave and how Martin did not say anything back for few minute. But leading on from that it made Michael Jackson look bad as he flipped it around by saying how the way Michael Jackson looks is that he is trying to be something he's not as well.

This part of the interview is quite seirous and tense, Martin Bashir is focusing on Michael Jackson life pretty deeply and too focusedon Michael Jackson. As within the part of the interview you did not see much clips of Martin Bashir, mainly a close up of Michael jackson. I think they did this so the audience can see Michael Jackson reaction quite clearly, which is good.
 But another fact that Martin Bashir being too focus is not a good reason is that he lacks respect and kinda does not think before he speaks or the way he speaks. As in the part 4.08 he started listing some of the rumours about the way Michael Jackson looks and ignores the fact that Michael Jackson wanted him to stop by keep saying "oh please, oh god etc". Martin Bashir made it sound like Michael Jackson is unaware of it.

However from all that it did not seem like Martin Bashir is satisfied with all the information he gained from Michael Jackson, so when Michael Jackson invites him out with his children's Martin Bashir decides to take the opportunity by asking the children's questions as well.. Hoping he would gain information out of them, like how they may accidentally say something that they shouldn't have.
Nevertheless towards the end Martin Bashir asked Michael Jackson about his children's, the way he feels toward them. times like when Prince was being born, it made Michael Jackson seem like a really nice person as he cared so much about Prince and how emotional he was towards it.
In my personal opinion they had to do this, so the interview does not make Michael Jackson look completely bad.
Overall this interview is emtional and seirous, however it tells the auidence what Michael Jackson is like and the things he went through. So this interview is not that bad as the audience gained alot of information about Michael Jackson.

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