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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Olympic logo racist

Iran finds the 2012 Olympic logo racist, as the way it looks it can spell out "Zion". It spells out Jerusalem in biblical term.
From the website it says Bahram Afsharzadeh (from the Iran's National Olympic Committee), said that he send a letter to Jacques Rogge saying that the logo is racist. He also plans to call other Muslim countries to protest along. They even said that some countries athlete may not be present in the event due to this reason.
Even though the logo was published 4 years go. It did not receive criticism  that it is racist until this year.
Looking at both website about the same problem, it tells you that it was written on the same day. March 28th 2011 and 4 years ago that the logo was published, that would make it came out back in 2007. 
Though when it was released people did criticise it saying how the numbers are in a awkward bulky shape, a weird design.
The BBC has a video about this problem, an interview with Jacques Rogge. He even claimed that their is no racism within it nor any political matters.

Though from my own opinion I think people are over comparing this Olympic to the previous one, in Beijing where it wow everyone. 

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