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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Regulatory Issues-Freedom of Information

Freedom of information act is where a person is given the rights to ask people in public for information about a certain subject and gaining all the information they know about it. However after gaining the information, they must use the information within 20 working days. As the information should not be kept for longer than 20 working days, unless they have a good valid, reasonable reason for it.
For example a situation that happen on Facebook. Where an innocent woman was being targeted and abused. Nicola Brookes posted a supportive comment for Frank Cocozza, on his Facebook page. A normal harmless comment that everyone often see’s and do. However unexpectedly two days later she received abuse for it. Such as people created a Facebook page with her name but under as a Pedophile, with the comment “I am a paedophile and I like underage girls and me and Frankie f**k them together”.  She contacted Facebook and the police but they fail to do anything for her. As they did not do anything about it, Nicola took it further, to High Court on the 30th May. Where it became a success, as Nicola obtain a Norwich Pharmacal Order (NPO). The NPO made Facebook to hand over details about those who have abused Nicola online. So those people who thought they could get away with it, now should fear as their information has be given away and they will receive what they deserve.
Giving away the IP address of the ones who bullied her is extremely helpful to her and to other future people who gets bullied online. As cyber bullying should be put to an end. Giving away the IP address of others, it gives people the rights to actually do something about it instead of dwelling on it or keep on putting up with the bullying. Giving their IP Address away prevents the bullies from getting away with it and hopefully it prevents people from doing it in the future.
However the downside of this is that, the number of people who try to claim the IP address of others, may rise and some people may abuse it. Such as hacking into others account and taking their personal information. Along that person will lose their privacy and may be able to turn round and sue the person for having their IP address, for invasion of privacy. 
Overall it is not too bad as it give people the rights to take action/fight back from cyber bullies.

-She can fight for herself
-Took it further
-Bullies got caught
-Became world wide news

-News became too well known
-People can go straight to high court with issues
-Shows how powerless the police are 
-Facebook lack of care

Overall in my opinion this is a good idea, she deserves to be able to have the bullies IP address. It proves that bullying someone, there is a chance in catching them out. Along it should create fear for others, preventing them for even considering doing it. 
However what kind of punishment will the bullies receive is a different question, also if they can catch the person who did it. Since one computer can be used by more than one person, along you can also be able to hide your IP address.  
Therefore this story works as a consequences for people who plan on doing cyber bullying in the future. I believe this goes for people who plans to hack other people computers. As it is count as a invasion of privacy. 


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