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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Screen Printing-Health and Safety

It is important to know the health and safety within Screen Printing. Such as-

-DO NOT EAT OR DRINK around the area you are doing print or within the room.

-The Paint-It may smell nice, IT IS NOT EATABLE!!! TOXIC!!

-Do not use the same Pallet Knife for different colours, Contamination!

-The Jet Wash can create a large puddle, have a Mop ready!

-When mixing Acrylic with Medium, if Medium get on your hands, wash hands ASAP!

-Make sure your bag is out of everyone way, to prevent people from tripping.

-Doing to much printing, can hurt your arm, as your using alot of muscle. Take regular breaks or do something else that is light.

-When using Scaple, becareful not to stab yourself. If so seek medical needs ASAP!

-If using SCREEN COOKING MACHINE, do not DO NOT lift the lid up if vaccum is on! The light will blind you!


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