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Monday, 5 December 2011

Research Presentation on Avatar

First slide, the topic.

Talking about why we choose this topic. There alot to say about Avatar and to debate about.

Reason why it took 12 years to film.

Talking about if the 12 year wait is worth it.

Talking about the CGI, on how they capture the Navi characters.

On about how they created the creatures and how they filmed them down.

Talking about the creation of the world Pandora.

Good and bad points about this film.

How much the film has made.

The key features on why this film is popular.

What people have written and what James Cameron has said about it.

How the film made people Suicidal.

Our own opinion about the film.

Some of the websites that we used to gain information.

At the end, there always few who got questions to ask.

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