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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Notes-Goldren Rules Of Good Script Writing

Trying to get your script to the best as possible, you generally might like to follow these rules/advice...

1-Compare your work with others.
              -That way you would know what you missed out.
              -Gain ideas/inspiration.
              -Improve your own work, as everyone work tend to have a quite a big difference.
              -Allow others to give you negative and positive feedbacks.

2-Dynamic Opening scenes
             -It gabs the audience attention.
             -It can be very dramatic.
             -It can create a question for the audience.
                                 -which creates an Enigma! 
             -It establish the main characters.

3-Engaging characters
              -It will make the audience wonder and carry on watching.
              -Make the story better.

4-TV is a visual medium 
              - It means show rather than tell the story

Subtext-Meaning underneath the words
                            - Such as the characters does not exactly say what's on their mind.
Meaning Beneath Words
-It gets the audience mind working. 

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