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Friday, 28 October 2011

My Review on a Review

Within the article “The Sarah Jane Adventures: a fitting tribute to Elisabeth Sladen”, it tells the audience what they are planning to do as a tribute, celebrating her achievement.  They planned to release the last few episodes at 5.15pm (5.15pm the time where family normally have dinner) on CBBC to mark her death, making it memorable. Elisabeth Salden sadly died from cancer at the age of 63, her role as Sarah Jane made her like the children’s doctor (She was Dr Who side kick), it was also hard for children’s to confront the fact that she died. The last few episodes that are going to be released are about the school reunion. Where the former aliens and other companions will be in the episode to show the special moment they once had. It features the main characters, Rani, Clyde, K9, the adopted son Luke and of course Sarah Jane. I personally think they done this gather up to sum up the whole story, making it nostalgic for the audience and the actors and actress. Making the audience remember the adventure they once joined with the characters.
Though to air these last few episodes the company had to ask her family permission if they can release it, due to Code of Practice. Her family gave permission to release the last few episodes, knowing that she would off wanted it, as she knew the story of The Sarah Jane Adventure is important to some children’s.  So she would have been disappointed if they did not release it. Sadly Elisabeth Salden is not here with us anymore to enjoy watching the last few episodes.
 The show The Sarah Jane Adventure was commission in 2006 as a spin off from Doctor Who.  The show gets a fraction of the budget from Doctor who, which is not much. As back in 2009 Russell T Davies said that the show was nearly cancel 3 times due to lack of money invested.
The co-producer and the writer said “we never really, in writing it, thought of The Sarah Jane Adventure as a kid show”, the storyline they produced are smart. It made the story imaginative and not patronising for the audience. However the ideas that they came up, it just happens to suit children’s, though sometimes the script they produced for the idea gets turned down. Due to the storyline is very similar to the Doctor Who episode that is going to be release soon. Even though they had small budgets The Sarah Jane Adventure did very well, as they had more credible position than Torchwood. Torchwood is a series based on a world of violence and sex, along with endless paedophiles. In general Torchwood does not suit children’s; as children’s haven’t got much common sense they may learn from the episode and copy it. Thinking there is nothing wrong with it and it is perfectly normal. For example the sex issues, it may encourage children’s to do it. From that it can cause more problems such as teen pregnancy and unsafe sex. Since they may not have much knowledge about it and what it can cause.
From Torchwood, it can question The Sarah Jane Adventure, due to Sarah Jane being a 60 year old woman working with children’s. It can be paedophile like and it can be risky, as the audience may not accept it. A person called Davies said “I wonder if the BBC would series about a 60 year old woman in the lead of a kid show if there no Dr Who connection”, which refers back to the paedophile fact. But since Sarah Jane is Dr Who sidekick they got away with it. Also Sarah Jane was different to the other sidekick; she didn’t scream and be useless. Instead she fights against the aliens; it made her character special and different. Also the article said that Elisabeth Sladen is magnificent, to be able to play the role as Sarah Jane amazingly. Though according to another article “The Sarah Jane Adventures are going to be fun”, people was scared that The Sarah Jane Adventure was going to be bad, however the show succeeded and it made her character even more long lasting.
Overall The Sarah Jane Adventure started off well and the show ended well. However to tell this article to a younger child, you would explain it simply. By saying that the article is about the last few episodes The Sarah Jane Adventure last is going to be shown tonight at 5.15pm. Making it like a tribute for Sara Jane, as the person who played her character sadly died. It would be a spectacular show like no other Sarah Jane episodes that you once saw.

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