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Monday, 17 October 2011


Copyright is something used for people to claim their work as theirs. So if other people use their work they would need to ask them for permission first, or else if they don’t the owner of the work can sue them.  As example music, it is popular on Youtube where people use music from the chart to create their own video, without asking the company that owns that music permission to use the music. Normally Youtube would get rid of the video and let the owner of the video know or if the company who owns that music saw it, then they would contact Youtube to make sure that the video is off. Though further action would be taken if the person who created that video creates more video with other famous music then their Youtube account would get suspended.
Though not all copyrights are like that, such as a letter. The person who received the letter owns it however the way the letter is written and what is written belongs to the writer. Meaning the person who wrote it has the copyright to what is written only.   
In Europe and few other places, they make the copyright right extended for life and even 70 years after that person death, which is known as data publication. I personally think they done this to prevent people trying to claim the person work as theirs and making sure others don’t take advantage of the piece of work.  Such as Steve Job died someone recreated the apple logo, three people claim it as their piece of work, so the copyright for it right now is unknown.  However I personally think that Apple has the right to have a say in it as the style and the way it is, is Apple design.  The only difference is instead of a bite it is Steve Job head, even though it is a different design, it still has the Apple design element within it.
Nevertheless copyright affects a writer a lot as copyright helps them protect their work, yet it can harm them. Such as if they decided to quote other people work within their work without asking for permission, the writer can be sue for it and it can be known as words of criticism. Moreover if it is a short quote the writer sometime can get away with it but it is generally best to ask first, safety first. Though within one work a writer can quote 300 words each time, however they should not going over the limit which is 800 words. While in a poem its 40 lines or less, as long as it under a quarter of the work.
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