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Friday, 28 October 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012, Mascots


Many people find the design of the mascot weird and don't like it but when you find out what each part of it means, it makes sense. The design is quite smart, as it does have the famous highlight on London.
The top gold mascot represents Olympic and the blue mascot represent paralympics.

Wenlock-Wenlock was named after a place in Shropshire. It was where Baron Pierre de Coubertin was invited to go to by a local Doctor, William Penny Brooks. William Penny Brooks admire the Greeks society  and their phsyical education. So he created physical game in the town to promote it's goodness. The Baron Pierre de Coubertin was interested and created a proposal to make this event more modern "International Congress of Paris for the Re-establishment of the Olympic Games’ and a committee"  Which now is known as the Olympic committee. Within the Baron Pierre de Coubertin diary, he noted down how the people in Much Wenlock inspire him. To this day his notes holds a strong value   

Mandeville- Mandeville was named after a place in Buckinghamshire town. Where the start of Paralympic movement started off. It was back in the 1944 when Sir Ludwig Guttmann, a neurosurgeon worked in the Stoke Mandeville hospital. He wanted to encourage disable people and ex soldiers to be active and how they can have a new life. He started of by making them do exercise that they can do such as archery and table tennis. Slowly making them gain their confidence again.  On the day the Olympic started  Sir Ludwig guttmann did a archery competition for 16 of his patient, it was no accident that it  was done on the same day. He wanted his even to be more popular and dream of it becoming a Olympic for disable people, the Parallel Olympic. Which it did indeed came true and created new life for disable people.

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