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Monday, 17 October 2011

Agent Representation

An agent representation job is to represent their company. For example a writer, if the company wanted to sign them up to publish their book, the company would send someone to represent them. Explaining to them about the details and hopefully get their agreement or a contract with them, due to copyrights. To do this job the agent representative has to have proof that they are representing a company or else the writer may think they are a false agent. However the agent may also deal with other writers along with them, trying to gain as much profit as possible. As not all agent representatives are close with the writers, some agents are only into making money and not into being close with the writer to create a friendship. Though there are some who are close to the editor and writer. As they would like to help the writer and editor as much as possible, to make things run smoothly along maintaining a good relationship with them. 
How the agent is can affect the writer a lot. Since if there is a problem the writer will contact the agent or if there is news the agent would contact the writer. The writer can get work through the agent, such as a book signing events. Which will make the writer more well-known and have other jobs line up for them to do, it also creates a win-win situation for both of them.  As the writer gets more job and the agent and company gets more profit. 
Though if the book writer is rude or has a bad attitude towards the agent, the agent may dislike them and not care for them much. From that they writer will has less work. As some people may not work in a professional way, such as they should keep their home life at home. For an example if two friends work together and they had an argument outside work, it generally should not affect work as that problem is outside of work and work should be another matter.
Nevertheless an agent can also work the other way round where the agent represents the writer. As an agent representation job is to represent. Also an agent representation job can be representing a company that sells house for example, it generally can be anything.  

To find out more about this role please look in these website:

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