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Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Different type of mic's for different use and gain better sound quality.
HOWEVER the images of each type of microphone  does not mean that it look just like that! There is loads of different design of each type of microphone! Keep that in mind!!
Also the images are from Google!


Directional Microphone is best used for doing voice overs or for presenters.
Also Directional microphone is used in
news reports as the microphone picks up sound from
straight ahead of it. It is best for those type of recording as it would not pick up other unnecessary sound around it and just focus on what is ahead.


Omni-Directional microphone is used mainly for chat shows or discussion shows. As the microphone picks up sound all around it, it is perfect for those type of shows. That way you can hear everyone loud and clear, along it saves them using wireless clip on microphone.


Cardioid microphone are used in drama's, to pick up the dialogue. It is perfect for that use as they mainly pick up sound above and below it, it would be like focusing on the actors dialogue only. The outcome of the recording will be good quality as it picks up the dialogue nicely from both up and down, it be clear.

When using a microphone's in filming you should always get the microphone as close as to the person as possible! That way you would pick up the sound clearly as good ad possible! But without getting it in the camera man way and in the shot, or else the filming would look unprofessional!
Happy Filming guys! >_<

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