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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Research, collect and prepare background materials- London Olympic 2012,Stadium problems- confusing!

Right, alot of people isn't sure anymore about the Stadium. As Beginning of the year on the news paper you hear alot about it but now its quiet. However, reading some articles and the date it was publish, its now confusing and does not make much sense.
From below you would see:

On the  London 2012 website it said the Stadium in complete, that information was published on the 29th March 2011.

But according to the BBC news, it said that the stadium deal collapsed, on the 11 October 2011.

However on the London 2012 website again, it said the Stadium track was in use. That article was publish on the 3rd October 2011

Though on the Mirror it said that the Stadium started building back in 2008 on May. Information was also published in March 2011

hmmm....What to believe? =/

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