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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

PHOTO-Days are numbered...

There are days where we are all happy and thinking life is perfect...though.. the bad days comes in such a rush that you don't expect it. That's when most people think their life is rubbish...
Alot of problems tends to be caused because of social network such as Facebook, where people can pretty much find out anything. Its a wonderful and useful social network but it does have it bad side....where people can find out what you've been doing or who you been socialising with. which can lead to gossips and rumours to be spread around and maybe even exaggerated...to the point where it becomes serious and affects you mentally and psychically....
But... Heyy Ho! "What doesn't kill you make you stronger" right?? :)
Simply look in the bright side or another side to your problem, as it can show you that your problem isn't actually that bad. Or simply when your down and don't have much energy, eat some chocolate or cake. Sweet things tend to lighten your mood up... Such as these Thornton Smiley chocolate.
I personally been having a blast with some of my friends lately, haven't seen them in ages,it really does brings back memories. Though.... "if there is ups there is downs" my down side was the fact that problems occurred with others. It was to the point where I was at the edge of turning cold hearted.... as it brought my mood right down and it affected my other friends... which made my mood worse :')
I started to eat these chocolate and had some alone time, it made me think a hell alot... now Wa La!  I now finally know what im doing and set myself straight again, so back to my old self. Yay!=)
...Just saying really.. there nothing wrong having alone time and keeping chocolate to yourself or eating chocolate, It's there for you to enjoy.... plus....friends are always there for you if you need a chat, do not forget that...

Its all in the  pass now.. So move on to the present.. =)

                                                      Take it easy people.. *hugs for all*<(=^_^=)>

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