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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Notes Characters Archetypes

Protagonist-Good person
                 -They are not aware on who is on their side.

Characters archetypes-
       Both Protagonist and Antagonist can be False Hero

Handicapped Protagonist-Paul Sheldon 
                                                  -Broken legs
                                      -Bone Collector
                                      -Rear Window

You can get Physical handicapped and Mental handicapped.

Antagonist- Bad Person

Antagonist types-Manipulative
                         -False Villain
                         -False Hero
                         -Government/Agencies-Conspiracy thriller
                          -Absent Villain
                          -The Protagonist is the Antagonist

Picaresque Hero-Use wits and charms to escape problems.

Unaware Hero-Mistaken identity
                      -Becomes involved in the problem by mistake.

Unreliable Narrator-Tells the story in their point of view, bias.

Dramatic Irony-Where the viewers knows more than the characters.


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