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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Research-thriller ideas

Working with Hannah, Sophie and Ben.

Sophie idea-

1- Where a guy gets involved with drugs when he was younger, when he gets older he gains flashback and it haunts him.

2-A game board style- where things comes out of the board and the characters are on a mission such as find out the murder for so and so it is abit like Jumanji.
 1-A group of people go round someone house, dress up party. A member see another person and recognise them, creating questions. Some one roles a dice light goes off and someone is found dead. But can be faking the death, the mystery.
2-A group of people playing with legends/myths about conspiracy.Where one member dies at a time. Silent death.

Sedtin idea-

1-One day a person gets a doll, they love it to peices for a peirod of time. Until one day they got bored of it and the doll gets forgotten, then during one night the doll comes alive and creates illusion where another member kills. At the end they manage to get rid of the doll and the doll ends up with another family.

2-A guy had a accident and end up in a coma. Within the coma he has a dream but he believes it is the real world. A seires of event goes on and if he gets hurt, such as a cut on the arm, he real body gets a cut on the arm. Such as a test within the dream and will he ever wake up again.

Ben idea-

Hannah idea-

1-A person gets given an item and it becomes a life and death issue. The person goes out and find information about the item, figuring out what it is and what it do. Like memento or abduction.

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