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Thursday, 19 January 2012


One of the many episode we watched in class...

-Recap of the storyline
         -To catch viewers
         -Like a trailer
-Start the episode blurry, with a man on a mission
-Voice over
-Panning, Zooming, tracking
-Point of view, birds eyes view, over shoulder
-Suspense music, cheesy music
       -Building up and volume rises
-Quick action scene
     -Cant see clearly what is going on
     -But audience can figure it out
     -Audience get a walk passer view
-Build up tension
-Cheesy sound effects-"Whoosh" sound when spotting for people scene (Point of View)
-Cross cut
-Not much colour-gritty and grey colour within the film
-Information given through by news report
      -Busy place
      -Easy to blend in
-Taking newspaper to disguise
-Animation/technology used
-Politic matter
-Blond girl gains after effects still after being in a terrorist bombing area.

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