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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The power of Google

We all love Google. We use it all the time when we need to find something out or go to certain websites. As it literally has everything we need on it,like many people say"I don't know what I'll do without Google!". It is a true fact in some ways hahaha....
 Though its funny how there is so many other search engine like Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, Bing etc, yet the first one people think of is Google so they say "Google it!".

Google keeps on improving, as they now have their own social place like Facebook. However the thing I like most about Google (part from searching) is that when you go on the main page. As they tend to have different designs on the word Google, relating it with history. Its interesting as it's different and it also teaches people some facts at the same time. That is for sure "you learn something new everyday"! The designs are quite smart, must be hard to think of it though as they have to relate it to the history AND using it to spell out Google. I remember awhile ago they had a robot one where people can actually play with it.

This print screen one (sorry for my many tabs!) is celebrating the 100 birthday of  Charles Addams.

 The creator of The Addams Family *click* *click*. A famous cartoon that everyone watched back in the old days, it is a childhood memory for many people.
Also I love the fact that in this Google Doodle they have all the main characters of The Addams Family and at the same time it can spell out the word Google.
To be quite honest I personally doubt that many people will know this if it wasn't for Google...

Ahhhh...at the end it probably is just me that find these little doodles interesting and amusing along inspiring....
But overall we should be thankful to Google for their efforts and their greatness. Without Google most of us will be lost or we know less stuff. Soo... Thank You Google! =D

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