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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Notes-X File

The  Duane Barry episode, part 1. 

-Dark, dull lighting in the beginning
-Tracking/Panning about-creates question for the audience
-Dramatic music
-Intro introduce main characters identity and what may be involved in this episode-work as a tease like
-Protagonist hand is cuffed when seeing the doctor
                    -Theatre of the mind is created
-Protagonist tells that something is about to happen
-Question on existent of aliens
-Protagonist known as crazy
-Mind tricks
-Sudden stop of electricity and water
              -Goes dark for a while
              -Sudden bright white light
-Builds up fear
             -Protagonist shoots aimlessly
-Use voice over
-Problem is bigger than expected
          -Abit like resident evil
-Attempt to save injured person-succeed
                  -Shows ways to get in
-Mention of time stop
-Creating suspense by pushing questions further
-Mystery of aliens
-Rely on communication through head piece
             -Only way to gain information
-Tense/sensitive moment of teeth
-Found new identity of protagonist-unknown to the audience yet
                -Creates theatre of the mind
-Loads of quick bright light and black scene
          -not suitable for epileptic people
-Leads the audience to guess what's true and false
-Government involved
       -Make audience not sure what's going on
-Moment where audience think protagonist is going to kill or snap into mentality
-History of protagonist
-Facts about protagonist body is all true
              -Shocks audience
              -Make audience think they know what is going on
-Caption to show location
-piece of metal is a Barcode chip
              -Creates code
              -Unknown to what it do or how it works
-Alien returns but unclear of their look
                -Unfocused camera shot
-Danger to the female investigator
-Empty moment
-Close up shot of protagonist face going crazy
-Close up of phone
            -Showing dramatic moment when female investigator shouts for help
-Left episode as a cliff hanger
         -End dramatically to catch the audience
                           -Make them wanting more, like a tease

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