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Monday, 2 January 2012

The Phantom Of The Opera-Theatre version Review

I went to see The Phantom Of The Opera in west end. It was amazing!!!!
Though sadly from what i heard before, they changed the chandelier, to a smaller one due to health and safety reason. The chandelier still crash down to the stage but done slowly, so it does not hit the audience nor scare them. So the thrill there is abit gone, but hey if you don't know it wouldnt hurt.

Comparing to the film, the film is not as good. As in the theatre you can feel the Phantom love for Christine Daae quite deeply. Especially when he sings "All I Ask Of  You", where the phantom is standing on a gargoyle at the top and then slowly coming down, that scene was filled with so much emotion. It was a complete unexpected scene! As no one would of expect the gargoyle on the top of the stage to come down. Also in the theatre you can feel the fear Christine Daae have towards the Phantom. While in the film, Christine did not show much fear towards the Phantom but seem interest in him like she partly in love with him. But within the whole story, in the beginning Christine believes that the Phantom is the angle of music sent by her father until the moment he starts to control her. That's when it hit her that he is not the angle of music sent by her father, he simply is just another man but not known to life as he is always hidden, away from people.

If  you watch the film first then theatre, you may not like the person who played the character as much. As Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler shall ever be known to you as the Phantom and Christine. It will also be the same if you watched theatre first then film, just different people, as they portray the character in that way.

Though what i notice within the film is that it tells the audience about the Phantom life more, while in theatre it does not, instead it brings out the evil side of the Phantom more. Which is quite interesting and some of the songs are in different order or does not exist in one another. For example when Christine got told to play the main character for the last show, in theatre they sung that part and Christine snapped back to Carlotta. While in the film they didn't and Carlotta did not have much role. Along Christine seemed like she had no back bone, she didn't defend herself at all, it was always people defending her while in theatre Christine seemed more brave.

Well I can be here forever comparing the two together, so I shall stop here and let you decide for yourself.
Though in 2011 it was The Phantom Of the Opera 25 anniversary. The show was performed in The Royal Albert Hall. In my opinion it was filmed badly and made the show not as good, but it seemed like if you were there to watch it, the show would of been spectacular!
The ending of the show was eyes opening, where Andrew Lloyd Webber came out and thanked people. He invited 4 of the previous Phantoms to sing with Sarah Brightman. Amazing scene, seeing all those phantoms and how they all portrayed the Phantom quite differently.

I even wrote a review on it, on the Amazon.co.uk. Amazon even listed my review as most critical review, which was interesting and quite pleasing. =D

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